Thor’s Workbench: Heldrake – One Wing Down (WIP #3)

HeldrakeI decided I need to get my Heldrake finished. I started it many months ago, got annoyed and moved on to other projects. This entire model has been a nightmare. First getting the wings magnetized and pinned just right turned into a mess. I had to stop working on it because I was ready to throw it across the room. Months later (see a trend here?), I returned to it and got the wings magnetized and pinned how I wanted them. I then started on one of the wings, the harder wing because of the color and shading. After days of working on it I set it aside out of frustration. The complexity of the model looks great but is annoying to paint. When I paint annoyed I don’t paint to my normal standard and this model deserves it. So, it got set aside until the other night.

When I last left off I had everything base coated and shaded, so there wasn’t a ton for me to do to get the wing done. As you’ll see below, I got the glow on the talons, finished off the bone parts and did some highlighting on the blue where needed. I also highlighted the metallics. Basically, this one wing is done.

The glow effect on the armor from the talons is a bit too far back I think considering the shape of the talons. I’ll go back and blend the blue some more to thin out the glow and the distance it’s going.

I’d love to seal this and set it aside but until I get the entire model done, it will remain unsealed. I want to see the model complete so I can go over it and figure out where I want to work in some free hand and this model is so complex that I really need to see it all together first. I don’t like painting on a seal coat at all, as I know some people will do.

Next up is the black wing. I do a half black, half blue’ish grey (the color you see), for those who don’t know. The black wing will be SO much faster. Just as much annoying metallics to pick out but no shading (and in turn cleanup), needed. There will be a few more highlights required but that’s easier than all the shading the other wing needed.

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Thor’s Workbench: Heldrake – One Wing Down (WIP #3)
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