Thor’s Workbench: Heldrake WIP #6

HeldrakeI didn’t have a chance to work on the Heldrake for a week but I’m working on it today and finally reached a point worth doing an update for.

At this stage almost everything is base coated. I have a few details to pick out, namely claw-like parts, but I’ll have to do that after I wash the ‘skin’ and stuff. Which of course makes my next step some more washes then cleaning that up and finally highlighting. Then I’ll need to go in and pick out details mentioned before. The final stage will be doing some OSL for the ‘vents’ to give it a fiery look.

I opted to make the fleshy parts muscle-like. Obviously this is the early stage and just a base coat. I continued the look to the tail cables for a unified look. I saw another painter do it and I liked how it came out in the end. Picking out the metal in the fleshy cables would be a nightmare and this approach will look good when done and saves me some time.

I’m close but I know these last stages are going to take a while. The armor elements are all done so these last stages need to be done very carefully. I never thought I would see it this far along and I can’t wait to wrap it up.

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Thor’s Workbench: Heldrake WIP #6
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