Thor’s Workbench: Huffing Glue

Super GlueWith the Standoff being complete it’s time to move along my Chaos army. I spent many long weeks painting to get ready for that event and in turn putting my army expansion on hold. Now, the snipping, mold line cleanup and gluing begins anew.

So, nothing major here but you’ll see some Cultists being put together, 3 new Bikes and 1 refurbished Bike and my counts-as Spawn stalking back there.

huffing glueI tend to bounce around a bit on assembly as I get really tired really quick of dealing with monotony, hence all sorts of models in all sorts of stages. Once I get my workbench cleared up I may do some painting on the Cultists but then again it may be more assembly as I need to buy some more CSM for my force, and at least another Bike. Either way, I’m glad to not be chained to that desk painting non-stop!

  • JustHippie

    Those water pots look yummy!

    • haha. I’ve had them for years and they are permanently stained now. Put fresh water in there and it looks the same.

      • TheRhino

        That’s why I just use old yogurt cups. If they get caked on, I can just recycle them.

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