Thor’s Workbench: January 17th

Since my last workbench post I haven’t managed to get a lot accomplished. The holidays impacted my free time to paint and get things assembled. I have managed to mostly get my 2nd Chaos Rhino put together though and my Beastmen (counts-as Lesser Daemons), are all together barring one arm that I need to magnetize.

So, this coming Saturday is my FLGS’ monthly tournament and there’s a few things I’d like to wrap up by then. I have a Beastman painted that needs to get sealed but every damn store I go into isn’t carrying my preferred sealer. I have a Terminator that is almost completed, painting, but I still have to paint his arms, their magnetized. Of course he’ll need to be sealed if I can find the damn sealer. I have a Berzerker who needs to get an arm magnetized also so I can be fully WYSIWYG for Saturday. Nothing like a self-imposed deadline to get things done.

I did also create a rather small ghetto light box that I’m hoping to test out tomorrow and get some shots up. It’s a good size to take shots of single models and small squads but not much else.

  • Anonymous

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  • hippie

    Yup, seems Wal-mart has stopped carrying Krylon clear flat.  I got the last can from the local one a month ago.  I guess we’ll need to order it online from now on.

    • Seems so. I’ve hit the Walmarts in So. Portland, Windham, Falmouth, Brunswick and even Ellsworth, nothing. We have a True Value in town and they weren’t carrying it either.

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