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Thor’s Workbench: The Last Item for the Standoff

last minuteFor once I won’t be painting models the night before the Standoff. It’s a routine I’m glad to finally break because I hate deadline painting, or I should say that I hate painting right up TO the deadline. It’s a big reason I went with the list I did; it required minimal work to get ready. There’s also the added benefit that it uses models I barely ever use like my Daemon Princes and Keeper of Secrets. Those three models are some of my favorite that I’ve painted over the years and every now and then they get to the table.

The last item I’m working on today is the base for my Heldrake. I had grand plans for this base initially and then I thought I was over-thinking it and going too big. My next idea was more subdued but still distinct and fitting but I had some hobby issues with it. I came to the realization that I need to just keep it simple. It’s generally how I approach anything hobby related but also I need to be able to store this base in tray that I have for my Heldrake. The more elaborate it is and the more that sticks off it the more improbably it becomes that it will go in my tray or go in there without something breaking off it. I put practicality first and so storing this without ruining it is key.

Heldrake Base: WIP #1Speaking of, here’s a shot of it. At this stage I glued down the rocks, washed them (you’ll see it’s not dry yet), and glued down that skeleton. Once that all dries I’ll do a few layers of dry brushing and more washes on the rocks so they look more realistic and then I’ll get down the snow flock. I’ll also be adding some frozen water areas on this like I’ve done on some of my other bases, for those who have seen them.

Again, it’s simple but I’ll be able to transport it without ruining it. I do also like to let the model be the focus. I think more intricate basing works better when the model is on that base. With the Heldrake being above it the base could easily be distracting instead of complimenting the model.

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That must be a great feeling after the series of last-minute works you had to do for past events.
I’m hammering away at bolter-armed Marines for my list, the base for my Tyrant, and hopefully a new display board.