Thor’s Workbench: Obliterator & Chaos Dreadnought

ObliteratorI’ve been taking a break from painting to get some much needed modeling done. I have a model I’ve been fielding as an Obliterator for many months that was in need of sculpting. I also recently acquired a Black Reach Dreadnought that needed some conversion and sculpting to fit in with my Chaos Marines.

First up a shot of the WIP Obliterator.

Obliterator WIP 1Obliterator WIP 2Obliterator WIP 3





At this stage it’s about 50% complete. I have to add on some more fleshy areas, get the weapon arm finished up and then add on some horns sprouting from some of the flesh.

Next we have the Dreadnought.

Chaos Dreadnought WIP 1I’m not sure how far along I am on this one as I’m letting creativity drive me. So, I have no defined end-goal with this one, just work on it until it feels done. I’m am trying to keep it simple though, no huge alterations, just let the small details pull it all together.

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Nice work on the sculpting. Those skulls look particularly good.


I agree, skulls look really good. I need to get with you to find out how you did that…


I’m surprised to see the dread with the rumors of it being gone in the new dex. Sculpting on him looks excellent!
Are these Oblits going to be the same paint scheme?


I am liking that Dreadnought, dude, looks great.

I am not sure on the Obliterators, the front shield thingy looks out of place.


Looking good, as usual! I’m eager to see how the dread progresses.