Obliterator WIP 1

Thor’s Workbench: Obliterator (WIP) & Cultists

Obliterator WIP 1I mentioned in my previous workbench post about an Obliterator I had mostly complete. I took a few shots of him this morning to show.

I just put on basing material before taking this shot so if you see snow on the model that’s why; I haven’t cleaned it up yet. I’ll give this model one last go through, once the base is cleaned up, before sealing him.

Sorry that the shots are a bit dark but the sun hasn’t quite reached a good spot. Once this is all done I’ll be doing a finished shot with better quality.

This model completes my 2nd unit of Obliterators so I now have two units of two. This was an old metal Terminator model and was short compared to current ones so I set his base on another base to give height. I’m still playing with blending that snow in to hide the base on base action.

The painting is the same as my other Obliterators, done to indicate ties to the Dark Mechanicum. Obliterator fluff alters, as with most units and codices, but I liked the once mentioned Dark Mechanicum tie. It also gave me another paint scheme to work on which gives my army that diverse look I enjoy with Chaos.

CultistsOn an unrelated note, last Wednesday I played at my FLGS and every week Dave goes around taking shots of us gaming and our armies. He took this shot of my Cultists and I liked it and also realized I have not done a shot of the completed unit. So, here they are. It’s not the greatest angle but I dig the shot.

Shortly after this shot they got into a combat with Seekers and got their ass handed to them. Such is the life of a Cultist.

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Nice work. The fluffy snow does a good job of blending the two bases together. I think would have looked better if the fleshy muscles extended across the gap between shoulder and back. It would have made him a bit bulkier and tied the parts together. It still works as is though, and the painting is excellent as always.

The cultist look good too!


Cool. I’ve got a couple oblitz I made under the same theory — i used old-school metal chaos termies and devastator marine arms with some greenstuff growth. Looking good!