Thor’s Workbench: Overload

Like most out there, my workbench is a never-ending stream of projects. I’m trying to get my army painted for an upcoming tournament at my FLGS in the fall as well as get much-needed models assembled and useable. So, this week I’ll show off three such projects. First up, the WIP painting on my Rhino. As always, lighting isn’t setup for great shots, and I’m using my phone for them, since these are just WIP shots.


At this stage it’s about 95% complete. The preliminary highlights are on the Rhino itself and I just need to do some cleanup and get the extreme highlights on there. The bolter, front hatch and rear hatch are in various stages and I’ll wrap those up once the Rhino is complete.

Next project, which is complete at this stage, was assembling some Havocs. I bought these last week and got a good deal on them. I hate metal models but it was hard to argue with the price and they were ones I needed. I’d like to get the plastic box but only getting one of each weapon makes it hard to justify buying it.

Havocs: Assembly 1

Last up is the Defiler I began work on the other week. Since then I got all the mold lines clean up, gaps filled, torso and right side weapon magnetized (still have to do the left), and put it all back together.


Once I got it back together I realized I’m missing one of the leg plates as well as the blast shield that goes on the battlecannon. I do also need another close combat weapon for the left mount. I was hoping to get some paint on this soon but it’s going to have to wait until I can get those bits I need.

  • TheRhino

    The Rhino looks awesome. (no, not me!) Did you mask off the design for the front arrow? The lines look crisp.
    The halved scheme really work well, and makes me want to try one of my own. Cut it out! lol

    • Thanks.

      No masking on any of it. The half scheme and the arrows are all by hand. Large arrows like that aren’t too bad to get clean lines on.

      You could always create a small detachment, not in the literal sense, for your Ultras and paint them up in a half scheme.

      • EvantheNoob

        Marrines Errant or Novamarines. Both are scions of the Ultras and have halved or quartered schemes respectively. They are also quick to aid their primorgenitor chapter.

        • TheRhino

          Yeah, I looked at both of those. I sort of like the different blue of the Sons of Guilliman as well. If I went with a non-Ultra Chapter, it would probably be the Angels Porphyr, as you can use the winged skull pads from the Ravenwing kit for their chapter pad.

  • JustHippie
    Looks like $20.00 will get the bits and some extra legs too. Maybe someone else needs leg bits too?
    Looks great! Have you played with a list or waiting for codex?

    • Waiting on the codex but painting up stuff I know I’ll use, such as that Rhino. That way when the codex drops I just have to paint up what I get that’s new.

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