Raptors & Beer

Thor’s Workbench: Raptors & Beer

Raptors & BeerI mentioned the other day that I picked up a Chaos Raptors kit. I started working on it last night and made some reasonable progress on cleaning up mold lines on the parts I need. I hate cleaning up mold lines with a passion. The beer is prominently displayed there because that’s the only way I get through the mold cleaning process. Did I mention I hate cleaning mold lines?

So far I’m impressed with the kit. The details are great and the way they manufactured the parts to run mold lines along edges for minimal cleaning is one of the better I’ve seen. Cleaning those mold lines, that I adore, is a bit annoying in some parts because of all the spikey parts but all-in-all a great kit.

I will be picking up another box shortly to get me to 10 Raptors. The idea, as I mentioned before, is to try them out with the mark of Slaanesh and an icon of excess. Hopefully the I5 helps offset their not-so-amazing close combat prowess and then adding in FNP for some sticking power. I’ll be running a Slaanesh Sorcerer with them as well for buffing and annoying the enemy so we’ll see how it all works out.

Next time I’m sure I’ll have a shot of these fully assembled. I’m not sure when I’ll start painting them though. I’m trying to prioritize my projects right now and depending on how this unit plays out for me in some games will affect where they land in that scale.

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The downside to them is painting them. I painted my warptalons and they are like mini-helldrakes…with all the panels and sections. Though, I think a lots of those annoying parts were actually on the lining claws.

I’m with ya on hating cleaning mold lines man. If you need any extra bits, lemme know.