Thor’s Workbench: Soulgore Dress-up – Feedback Needed

Yesterday I posted some shots of how my Chaos Lord on juggernaut is coming along and now I’m looking for some opinions. With the hard part of the model done it’s time to make some choices, namely appendages. No need for me to blather on about it though, instead here’s a bunch of shots of parts I’m considering for use on the model. I didn’t do shots of every potential variation, just the sets I had thought about.

The shots below aren’t the only items I’m restricting myself too either. If someone has a cool idea I didn’t do below then fire away!

Wargear-wise, he’s carrying the axe of blind fury and a bolt pistol. I did some dual wielding shots for coolness factor and I’m not worried about representing a pistol on him. Of course the arms I choose will be magnetized as well.

I’m leaning towards #5. I like the head the best of the 3 above. I do also like that big cleaver to represent the axe of blind fury. The other axe I think just enhances the bad-assness of the model. I do like having the bolt pistol in there though, like #4, but I can’t seem to find a left handed bolt pistol so I can keep the cleaver. Regardless, with the pistol it’s a bit too typical for me I think.


Update: I’ve got it all figured out the model is finished.

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Thor’s Workbench: Soulgore Dress-up – Feedback Needed
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