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Thor’s Workbench: Soulgore WIP #2

Work in ProgressI’ve done some work off and on with my Chaos Lord on Juggernaut with axe of blind fury, AKA: Soulgore. Mostly it’s been magnetizing. I’ve magnetized the torso to the legs so I can use it on a foot Lord if needed, or even a Bike, and then I will only need to paint legs. I like my leaders to be unique to my army and use them in whatever format I need them. Hmm, I should probably magnetize that backpack too in case I give him a jump pack…

Anyway, the arms are also magnetized. Since the last update I also finished off his arm with the axe of blind fury. I took a chainsword wielding arm and cut off the chainsword and the hand. I then pinned the hand to the arm to get the pose of him pointing the axe (thanks for the suggestion Kamui). As I took these shots the green stuff to fill in the wrist from the cut is drying. I also had to green stuff a bit of the axe handle to blend into his hand where I cut out the chainsword grip.

The only other work on him lately was to add in a groin armor piece. The fantasy legs didn’t have anything at the groin and it looked odd so I filled that in so it matches up with his power armor.

I’m still debating the heads as well, as noted in the dress-up article. These shots have the Slaanesh head but nothing is decided yet. I think it’s a great head but I’m not entirely convinced it fits the theme of the model. Thoughts?

From here it’s on to detail work. I want to add some bits, do some more green stuff work to add in details, etc. I think I’ll have this done, modeling anyway, in the next week or so.

Unrelated, I put up a new Rok Da Vote to re-poll on the Dark Angels 6th edition codex. Kamui accidentally bumped it yesterday with his article so I figured I’d toss the poll in here to get it some attention.

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Thor’s Workbench: Soulgore WIP #2
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