Thor’s Workbench: Soulgore WIP #2

Work in ProgressI’ve done some work off and on with my Chaos Lord on Juggernaut with axe of blind fury, AKA: Soulgore. Mostly it’s been magnetizing. I’ve magnetized the torso to the legs so I can use it on a foot Lord if needed, or even a Bike, and then I will only need to paint legs. I like my leaders to be unique to my army and use them in whatever format I need them. Hmm, I should probably magnetize that backpack too in case I give him a jump pack…

Anyway, the arms are also magnetized. Since the last update I also finished off his arm with the axe of blind fury. I took a chainsword wielding arm and cut off the chainsword and the hand. I then pinned the hand to the arm to get the pose of him pointing the axe (thanks for the suggestion Kamui). As I took these shots the green stuff to fill in the wrist from the cut is drying. I also had to green stuff a bit of the axe handle to blend into his hand where I cut out the chainsword grip.

The only other work on him lately was to add in a groin armor piece. The fantasy legs didn’t have anything at the groin and it looked odd so I filled that in so it matches up with his power armor.

I’m still debating the heads as well, as noted in the dress-up article. These shots have the Slaanesh head but nothing is decided yet. I think it’s a great head but I’m not entirely convinced it fits the theme of the model. Thoughts?

From here it’s on to detail work. I want to add some bits, do some more green stuff work to add in details, etc. I think I’ll have this done, modeling anyway, in the next week or so.

Unrelated, I put up a new Rok Da Vote to re-poll on the Dark Angels 6th edition codex. Kamui accidentally bumped it yesterday with his article so I figured I’d toss the poll in here to get it some attention.

[poll id=”34″]

  • Love the pose, very dynamic!

    • Thanks.

      As noted, it was Kamui’s suggestion when I started working out that arm and I’m glad I went with it. I never think of reposing for some reason even though it makes a huge difference once it’s done.

  • Warren Falconer

    You nailed it! Looks great, really horny.

    • I honestly can’t wait to paint this thing. I have so many ideas fighting for dominance.

  • JustHippie

    Does he really need an ugly khorne head? It isn’t like you have him on a stock jugger so why not do the whole thing differently? I think that looks AMAZING with that head and the whole think is looking great.

    • I didn’t say a Khorne head either, though I tried one out in the other article. Until this thing is ready to paint I’ll keep swapping heads around and see which grows on me.

      Thanks. Now that this stuff is done it’s nice to actually have a useable model instead of just putting down the bull. That blue-tac was getting annoying too for anything beyond posing ideas. Wasn’t much for holding up in game play.

      This is, or should be, my last big project for the Standoff. The rest is just painting and that’s already underway too.

      • JustHippie

        I was only saying Khorne because I know he is a Khorne Lord on Jugger.

  • stealthystealth

    I like the head with one spike I thought the other one conflicted with the polls on the backpack .

  • JD Brink

    I really like where this model is going! LOVE the metalic bull for a jugger and the legs and axe look great too. Looking at your other heads, i think i like the “slaaneshi” head best. i know, technically, it comes from the slaaneshi line of modeling bits, but who cares? it looks way more savage and crazed and bloodthirsty than the static helmet heads. those heads look more “khorne-ish” but also less creative. (that’s my 2 cents, anyway.)

    • Thanks and good point on the head.

      • I agree with JD and Hippie on the slaneshi head. It’s much more organic and feral which fits the character well. Could you match the horn on the other side of the head? That would create a silhouette similar to a berzerker helm while keeping the facial expression intact.

        I know that what you really need right now is some way to drag out this model further and put the rest of your Standoff prep off a bit…

        • I could match the horn but I actually like the asymmetrical look of it. Plus, I think if I were to match the horns up then it would be competing with the backpack a bit.

          This model may not end up being in my Standoff list anyway. With comp being a factor, like with anyone, it’s altering how I approach my list as a whole. I would love to get this done though for the painting competition.

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