Thor’s Workbench: Standoff Prep

Chaos Space MarinesLike the other authors here, I’m getting ready for the Standish Standoff this November. My list is not set in stone yet and changes every other day, yet there’s some core components I know I’ll need so I’m working on getting that stuff painted. Namely a Chaos Marines squad. I’ve had this unit for way too long and it sat in a box on the sprue up until last week. I’ve been proxying in my loyalist Marines for many months and it was time to get this squad together and painted.

Chaos Space Marines #2 - WIP 1Nothing special but here’s a shot of the squad at the moment. The front three are ready for sealing and the back three are a bit over half-way done. Hopefully in the next week or so I can get this squad finished off and move on to something else. What that something else is yet I have no idea unless I can nail down a list finally.


  • Another pack of solid looking models! Whatever you end up including in the list will look great, I’m sure.

    • Thanks.

      I can’t wait to knock these guys out because A) they should have been done so long ago as it is and B) painting these guys just gets old quick. Once they’re out of the way I can work on some easier, IE: Cultists, projects as well as more fun, IE: Chaos Lord, Sorcerer, etc.

  • JD Brink

    I commend you on the two-tone color scheme. That looks hard to pull off split down the middle like that! (That and painting just seems like sooo much work… damn am I getting lazy.)

    • You know, the half-scheme isn’t hard, or at least not my time consuming element. Painting Chaos Marines is just time consuming though. All that trim work breaking up the armor surface just adds more time to the process. By comparison, loyalist Marines are easy because they are all surface area really.

      • JD Brink

        That’s a good point. I can burn through loyalist marines pretty easily too. In fact i think it spoiled me for painting — everyone else requires more time and work and it’s difficult for me to find the time slot required.

        • I hear you. I don’t get to paint nearly as often as I used to, which is why this army just keeps dragging ass on that front. Especially when it comes to assembly line style like this where you have to knock out an entire unit.

      • JD Brink

        And looking at your pics again, YES you do have a lot of cool metallic detail. Looks great, really makes them shine.

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