Thor’s Workbench: WIP Chaos Marines

Disciples of Twilight Paint SchemeAfter wrapping up my Cultists last week I figured I’d stick with troops for now on the painting front. I’ve had the other half of this squad painted for a while now and figured it was about time to get the full squad finished.

Chaos Marines WIP #1At this point the squad has a way to go. I’m working on getting the metallic on the trim at the moment. After having painted my fair share of loyalist Marines, and now Chaos Marines, I can tell you that Chaos Marines are more time intensive. Mostly it’s the trim, it’s everywhere and it’s not all simple lines like the loyalist Marines.

Anyway, once the trim is done I’ll go back through and clean up the half scheme. I don’t concern myself with painting within the lines in the early stages on these guys. I’d rather get the base coat on quickly, especially with batch painting, and then cleanup the lines later. I also find it easier coming back to it. For some reason I can get that half line done more cleanly later than I can trying to do it correctly as I base coat *shrugs*.

  • I find that when I base coat while batch painting I can either get the color all the way into the nooks and crannies or I can get the borders clean. I can’t do both so I focus on coverage for the first pass then clean up the edges afterward. So I can relate to your need to come back to the line afterward.

    I can also relate to the trim chasing. Space Wolf models are the same way. So many trinkets, talismans, and embellishments that they take me much longer to paint than standard tactical marines.

    • Very true on coverage. I did the first model all careful, trying to avoid later cleanup and getting coverage everywhere, and it just took so long. I can base coat sloppy and do cleanup later in less time than it took to do it ‘right’ the first time.

      Space Wolves definitely have a lot of small details. Details are great on your special guys but on rank and file it just soaks up time.

  • You’re a regular flurry of posts as of late. Is this indicative of something?

    The quartered scheme looks great, as always, but it’s hard to comment much on paint jobs that are so early on.

    • Honestly, yes, indicative of something and that being actually doing well in games lately. I seem to have finally hit my stride with 6th edition and the newest Chaos codex. That’s not to say I need to win to feel good about 40K, and in turn get motivated on the blog, but that getting your head caved in for 6-months really puts a damper on motivation on all fronts. I finally have a comfort with the army, which is all I was after, and that translates here as well.

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