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With the big annual 40K tournament now behind me, I feel like it’s time to change gears a bit.

Leading up to the tournament proved to be fun and aggravating. It’s always fun to play in a big event like this. I get to see people I typically only see for this event, and the gears churn to create an effective list.  I put more planning into this one day than I do all the normal monthly tournaments combined. However, with that comes the aggravation and frustration of doing just that; of trying to create something effective.

As anyone reading this surely knows, I play Chaos Space Marines. Despite my absolute love for the army, it wears on me. Now, there are great things on the horizon for Chaos it would seem, but right now the army is in a very tough spot. It’s no easy task making this army work in a competitive scene, at least with any list I’d feel comfortable fielding. So, I’ve spent months trying to pound the square peg into the round hole, and that has taken a toll.

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl

While I will buy the new amazing stuff coming out for Chaos in a few weeks, it’s going to take a back seat for a bit. See, I’ve pre-ordered Blood Bowl and I’m really excited to get going with that. I just feel like a change of pace will do me some good. I’m really looking forward to painting up some teams, and spending my sweet time on them. With so few models, making each member of the team unique, and adding character, is easily done. I don’t have to worry about painting 50 models for a list, so I can just sit back, take my time, and try out some new techniques. It’s hard to justify breaking the mold with painting in 40K when there’s just so much that has to get painted. So, I’m really looking forward to that.

The game itself is going to be a refreshing change as well. While there’s list building in Blood Bowl, it’s a far cry from what it is in 40K. For the most part, you build your team up and you’re done. There’s some options in how you do that, and injuries/deaths will force some changes, but week to week it’s basically the same team. Therefore, I don’t have to keep pounding the square peg into the round hole every week, trying to make something work. I can remove that frustration.

Blood Bowl gameplay is a very different animal too. It’s a very tactical game. Again, it’s less about the list and more about how you use it. While there’s merit to that in 40K, list building is an integral part of the game’s strategy. In Blood Bowl it’s more about proper utilization of your tools, and properly managing risk. That’s any game when it comes down to it, but Blood Bowl is just different, and it’s hard to explain if you’ve never played.

The Future of Chaos

All that being said, I am very excited for the new Chaos stuff. The Thousand Sons look amazing, and the promise of Legions has me on the edge of my seat. I got into Chaos Marines with their 4th edition codex. I missed the famed 3.5 era of Chaos, so all I have ever known is pretty bland and flavorless CSM. The fluff for Chaos is great, and there’s such great history with them, but it has yet to be translated into the game of 40K in my time with them.

I find Black Legion to be dull and uninspiring. Crimson Slaughter fluff is awesome, I love it, but they’re nothing special on the table. Khorne Daemonkin is neat, but I feel they fell short with it. There was so much potential with KDK that never made it in there. So, the promise of Legions is pretty damn exciting. All it has to do for me is to give character back to CSM, to let them truly represent fluff on the table, and I will be a happy man.

Final Thoughts

While I will be working on Blood Bowl, and eventually jumping into a league with it, I will continue to play 40K weekly. Well, mostly, as one week’ish a month will have to be Blood Bowl. Still, while disheartened with CSM currently, I have hopes for what’s to come to really reinvigorate my interest. While (hopefully) it does that, I still feel the need to step back and bit. My frustration with CSM has been an ongoing thing for a long time. Even with what’s to come, I just need to take a breather. My 40K games will be purely for fun, and without any larger goal. Once I’m calmed, and had time to digest the new goodies, I’ll renew my interest and dive-in head first.

Anyone else jumping on the Blood Bowl release? Will the new Chaos releases be what we finally need?

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