Ultramarines the Movie – Design a Standard Competition

Ultramarines Movie - Standard CompetitionSo, unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’re aware there is an Ultramarines movie coming out soon. Well, back in May they began a competition where you designed a standard and submitted it. The deadline was June 27th and there has been no word yet on the winner. The reason I mention it is because I designed one and submitted it, which I almost forgot about until I saw the file sitting on my desktop. So, since I’ve got nothing better to blog about today I thought I’d share my entry into the competition.

Overall I’m happy with how this came out but it’s not perfect. My days of playing in Photoshop all the time are gone, and with that a fair amount of skill and knowledge. Being a programmer doesn’t exactly call for a lot of Photoshop use as you can imagine.

Anyway, this standard is for my Space Marine chapter, Fate’s Angels. This is the standard for the 1st Company, which is not the veteran company in my fluff. This design is almost identical to the one I painted on my actual standard bearer in my Command Squad, just a bit more fleshed out and detailed. The 1st Company is called Watchers and the eye represents the eye of fate. One of these days I’ll get back to fluffing things out.

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Ultramarines the Movie – Design a Standard Competition
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