Video on How to Paint Tabletop Quality

I had to paint two models to use on trophies for the Standish Standoff and since they only needed table-top quality paint-jobs I figured I’d make a video. The video is of me working on a Grot but of course the concepts can be applied to any model you’re looking to paint. It’s a simple video, no big production but hopefully useful to those looking to paint models to get on the table and are less concerned with the highest quality.

I’ll apologize in advance for this not being the greatest video. I’ve done one video battle report prior, making this my second video ever, so it’s rather amateur. The video quality is fine though so you can see what I’m working on, which is the most important part. After putting this video together I realized how much I say “Um” in it so I’ll be working on that going forward :)

Anyway, here it is and if the interest is there I’ll do more of these going forward and I’ll be sure to get a better setup going. Oh, also, the Creative Twilight channel on YouTube is here if you feel like subscribing. Also, feedback would be very much appreciated on this video. I’m open to hearing anything that will make a video like this better.

  • JustHippie

    Nice job! I think showing the actual application of paint would be helpful. Even if you broke this video up and did one on base coat, one about washing, and one on highlights. Overall it came out good, sound was clear, video was clear, content was excellent and length was easily watchable.

    • Thanks.

      I’d definitely like to get something setup to show the actual process, at least techniques like washing, blending, whatever I’m doing.

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