Waaagh for the Blood God! – Battle Report

This week saw my Khorne Daemonkin get in another game. I kept my list from last week. Despite losing to Tau last week, I thought the list did well. It has some serious hitting power despite being relatively low on models.

I was hoping to bring this list to the 40K tournament this month at my FLGS, but I won’t be able to make it on account of life. Still, I’ll continue to play it through the month, and hopefully give those who are attending some good practice.

Speaking of, here is the mentioned list.

Disciples of Twilight (Khorne Daemonkin) – 1,650


  • Ghostwrath (Daemon Prince) – Daemonic Flight, The Blood-forged Armor
  • Darktide (Daemon Prince) – Daemonic Flight, Warp-forged Armor, Goredrinker


  • Cultists (8) – CCW, Autopistol
  • Cultists (9) – Autoguns, Heavy Stubber
    • Champion – CCW, Shotgun

Fast Attack

  • Bikers (5) – Meltagun x 2
    • Champion – Melta Bombs, Lightning Claw
  • Bikers (3) – Plasma Gun x 2
    • Champion – Melta Bombs
  • Rhino

Heavy Support

  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils
  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils

Lord of War

  • Knight – Heavy Stubber x 2, Rapid-fire Battle Cannon, Foe-reaper Chainsword, Daemon Knight of Khorne, Dirge Caster

The Game

I played Jeremy and his Orks. I’m not even going to try and give the details of his list because I will miss something. Orks are one of those armies that pack a lot of units into any sized list. However, I know he was running the Bully Boyz formation, so he had a ton of Fearless Meganobz. It’s a list that has run me over a time or two in the past.

We played the Contact Lost mission where you get cards based on objectives held.


Jeremy set up first and used the terrain to hide most of his vehicles, or at least obscure them. I setup with most of my faster units in the center, so I could swing to either side as needed. The Knight was on my left to soak up Lootas’ firing.

Most of the pictures are lousy. Bad day for me taking shots apparently.

Jeremy’s Turn #1

Jeremy’s first move was to drive his Battlewagon up, and immediately got immobilized on terrain. I lost a Bike on my left to shooting, but they didn’t break.

Jeremy scored a point for an objective: 2-0.

Thor’s Turn #1

I expected to get charged on the next turn, so my Maulerfiends and Princes advanced to the board center, with the Maulerfiends screening the Princes from a charge. My Knight moved up a little, and his firing took out a few Grots in the artillery unit. On my right, the Bikes advanced up, and they shot down a few Grots. My Cultists in a Rhino took out another Grot.

No points scored: 2-0, Jeremy’s lead.

Chaos Bikes

Jeremy’s Turn #2

As expected, the Meganobz in various Trukks jumped out. Between his Lootas and Lobbas, my Cultists on my left were smoked. I lost another Bike on the left, and the remaining Biker decided to run for it.

A squad of Meganobz charged my Knight. The Knight took out 3 Nobz, and took a hull point in return. Another squad of Meganobz charged a Maulerfiend. The Maulerfiend took out 2 Nobz, but the Nobz wrecked it with Power Klawz. The other Maulerfiend was also charged. He killed 1, and was blown up.

First Blood to Jeremy, plus a card: 4-0, Jeremy’s lead.

Thor’s Turn #2

Jeremy pushed me off one objective, and contested another, so I had no cards to pull. My only card, from turn #1, was to kill something in the assault phase. Perfect.

I decided to use the Blood Tithe to get Rage and Furious Charge.

With Jeremy having taken the bait to charge the Maulerfiends, I lined up both Princes to charge a squad of Meganobz. On my right, the Bikes advanced towards the Grots holding an objective. The Rhino with Cultists tried to crash into a ruin to reach the objective the Grots had, but the Rhino was immobilized.

My Bikes charged into the Grots. The Bikes made very short work of the Grots, catching them in a Sweeping Advance. Both Princes charged the larger squad of Meganobz in the center, and the unit was wiped out. My Knight wiffed a bunch, but did kill off 1 Meganob, leaving 1 remaining.

Points: 4-1, Jeremy’s lead.


Jeremy’s Turn #3

The Meganobz near the Princes thought better of sticking around, so they moved towards my Knight in hopes of getting a charge in. The Ork Bikes moved up on my Bikes. Dakka, dakka, dakka, and a Bike went down. Lootas and artillery fired on my Princes, and a few wounds got through between them.

Meganobz tried to charge my Knight, but they failed. The Ork Bikes did charge my Bikes. My Bikes killed all but 1. That Ork tried to run, but he was swept. My Knight managed to kill off the last Nob.

Jeremy scored a point for something. Points: 5-1, Jeremy’s lead.

Bike Fight

Thor’s Turn #3

My Bikes advanced down the right flank. They shot and destroyed a Trukk on an objective. My Cultist jumped out of their Rhino, and got on to the objective the Bikes cleared out. Darktide (Daemon Prince), charged into the 3 Meganobz who failed to reach my Knight. The Meganobz crumbled. My Knight charged into the artillery unit, killed a few, but the Grots stuck around.

I scored two objectives. Points: 5-3, Jeremy’s lead.

Holding Objectives

Remainder of the Game

At this point Jeremy was out of Meganobz. He threw his Warboss and Boyz into my Knight, banking on the S10 Power Klaw from the Warboss. He did get in a penetrating hit, but my Knight Stomped out the Warboss and some Boyz. The artillery unit decided to run off the board. My Knight then charged and smashed apart the Bastion the Lootas were hiding in.

All the while, the rest of my army was just sitting on objectives to pull cards. Over those next two turns I managed to score big.

The game ended on turn #5 with a final score of: 5-12, my victory.


It was a tough game for Jeremy. He had managed to immobilize all his vehicles during the game. The lack of mobility from it let me pick apart his army at my leisure. Between all my S10 attacks, and AP2, meant the Meganobz were all fighting an uphill battle this game as well. Swinging at I1 against units that ignore your armor, and can Instant Death you, before you strike is a tough fight. Really, it was pretty well the perfect match-up for my list.

I’m really, really liking this list. It held up well last week against Tau, always tricky against a shooting army, and did amazing this week against a close combat army. I might finally be on to something…


  • Nicely done! Played very much in my style, get out there, soak the first hit, and come back swinging.

    On the Immobilized Vehicles: Reinforced Rams. Best upgrade Points an Ork Player will ever spend. Or was his rolling just that bad?

    • Is there any other way for Chaos other than to take it on the chin then swing back?

      He didn’t invest in a single one. It was a discussion at the start of the game too. His Battlewagon had two Big Shootas, so I said one not one of each – Big Shoota & Ram? Then he moved it, literally seconds later, and poof, immobilized! ;)

      • Some builds can hit first. Lots of Noise Marines and shooty Bikes and Autocannon Havocs.

        Ouch. Yeah, I’d never leave home without ’em. They let the Trukks Tank Shock, too, which is really handy sometimes.

        • Yeah, it’s possible, but don’t think many of us build CSM for range ;)

          Agreed. I always put a ram/dozer blade/whatever on an assault vehicle if it’s an option.

  • Well played and I am glad to hear you found a list you are enjoying. I presume you will be trying another couple to get the feel of it?

    • I might. I used to play a different list each week, and it’s a lot of fun, but the problem is I always felt like I was hurting myself. Changing lists weekly never let me learn how to properly manage the list I used the week before. Basically, I never felt like I was getting ahead at all because I never took the time to learn.

      Generally, my approach lately has been to try a list out. If it’s absolutely terrible then I scrap it and try again. If it doesn’t suck then I work the list, refine it, and take it to the monthly tournament. Each month is a new point level for a tournament, so it’s back to the drawing board the next month. Even though I won’t make this month’s tournament, I keep to the mantra for the sake of trying to get better.

  • iapedus

    Good match, but tough break for your opponent. Sounds like the game pretty much centered around the combat with your Knight and the various nobs just not dealing enough damage. I wonder how different it would have been if they had not failed the charge T3? Maybe not a lot, but it might have made the game a bit closer.

    Also, I notice you take a LoW in a lot of your games, while there doesn’t seem to be many in your opponents ranks – do you think that could be giving your list a unfair edge, or does the Chaos / KDK Dex require a LoW to be included to make it competitive? I’m not trying to be critical or anything, just curious as to your thinking.

    • CSM/KDK have their options cut way down without a Knight or something around to help. Most of our other Units are basically Imperial ones, but worse, and a lot of them just become unusably inefficient without something really solid like that to anchor the List on. Add in the limitations on which Units a given Player has around, and it can really make a huge difference in what someone’s options are.

      • Yeah, this. A lot of our units are overpriced for what you get. CSM also don’t have the staying power of Marines. Without ATSKNF, getting swept is reality. CSM can buy Fearless in places, but it relies on a single model staying alive, and it’s 35pts for it. So, expensive units compared to value, lack of useful rules to compensate, and you find yourself needing to bring along something like a Knight to balance a game out.

        The Knight is also a recent addition to my army. I acquired it a handful of months ago, so he sees a fair amount of play for that reason too.

  • Glad you found a list you like, it looks like a blast to both play and face.

    • I hope it’s fun to face, because it’s sure fun to play with.

  • Oliver Bradeen

    Thor, I’m assuming those Chaos Bikes are yours. They look fantastic man!

    • There are, and thank you.

      It’s the snowy tires that make them stand out, I think. The funny part is that it wasn’t intentional. I needed to hide some modeling issues on a tire (old inherited model), and that’s what I came up with. I then went back and did the rest like that.

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