Big Mek: Ro-Twang - 4

Waaagh Grottrogg!: Ork army in progress

Big Mek: Ro-Twang - 4Hello all,

As I’ve discussed recently I’m feeling a bit burned out on the Space Wolves and have decided to switch back to the orks for a while.  The shop where I play has an annual event in November called the Standish Standoff.  It’s a hobby-oriented event with 1850 point armies, detailed comp rules, and a lot of soft scores.  My goal is to have a fully painted list for this event.I started by writing a list, of course.  I had been running a speed freek list with lots of trukks, buggies, and wagons but I had wanted to branch into a hybrid list with more horde element.  Now that we’re in 6th ed and fearless foot sloggers have been boosted a bit that makes even more sense than before.  I took some of the key units that have done well for me in the past: KFF big mek, Warboss and nobz in a battlewagon, two trukk mobs, some deffkoptas, and a boomwagon.  These are nice mobile units that I’ve used enough to be familiar with, and they’re mostly painted too.  I’ve filled in the rest of the list with a unit of kannons, 10 lootas, and around 50 boyz on foot.  Here’s what it looks like so far:

This is only a loose start but you can see that I still have quite a bit of work to do.  Even many of the painted models still need some details or basing to get them into good shape.  I will try to get a good number of games in to help refine the list but I may not be able to make my decisions on a purely tactical basis.  Depending on the time I manage to carve out for painting I may also need to make some tough choices as November gets near.  I have some units that are painted or at least closer to painted that I can work in to replace some of the unpainted models but this would in all cases be taking a reduction in head count that I would like to avoid.

My first priority will be painting the loota boyz.  Then I’ll focus on the shootas on foot, followed by the sluggas on foot.  Once I get all of that painted I can go back to clean up some bases and detail work on other models that need it.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll keep you posted as I make progress!






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It sucks making lists based on painted models and having something sub-par. Hopefully you get things squared away and won’t be stuck doing that.

Warhammer 39,999

Ironically, I’m thinking about attending my first tourney in years, and I’m aiming to play specifically with painted models–regardless of whether it makes my list ‘sub-par’ or not (Actually, sub-par is probably better). That way, I have better chances to win two of the four prizes: Best Painted & Sportsmanship. Sure, I’m unlikely to win first or second place, but the prizes are seemingly identical for all four. So, why not take model I’m proud of, and play nice leisurely games?


Because you need to be a WAAC douchebag to attend tournaments :p