Big Mek: Ro-Twang - 4

Waaagh Grottrogg!: Ork army in progress

Big Mek: Ro-Twang - 4Hello all,

As I’ve discussed recently I’m feeling a bit burned out on the Space Wolves and have decided to switch back to the orks for a while.  The shop where I play has an annual event in November called the Standish Standoff.  It’s a hobby-oriented event with 1850 point armies, detailed comp rules, and a lot of soft scores.  My goal is to have a fully painted list for this event.I started by writing a list, of course.  I had been running a speed freek list with lots of trukks, buggies, and wagons but I had wanted to branch into a hybrid list with more horde element.  Now that we’re in 6th ed and fearless foot sloggers have been boosted a bit that makes even more sense than before.  I took some of the key units that have done well for me in the past: KFF big mek, Warboss and nobz in a battlewagon, two trukk mobs, some deffkoptas, and a boomwagon.  These are nice mobile units that I’ve used enough to be familiar with, and they’re mostly painted too.  I’ve filled in the rest of the list with a unit of kannons, 10 lootas, and around 50 boyz on foot.  Here’s what it looks like so far:

This is only a loose start but you can see that I still have quite a bit of work to do.  Even many of the painted models still need some details or basing to get them into good shape.  I will try to get a good number of games in to help refine the list but I may not be able to make my decisions on a purely tactical basis.  Depending on the time I manage to carve out for painting I may also need to make some tough choices as November gets near.  I have some units that are painted or at least closer to painted that I can work in to replace some of the unpainted models but this would in all cases be taking a reduction in head count that I would like to avoid.

My first priority will be painting the loota boyz.  Then I’ll focus on the shootas on foot, followed by the sluggas on foot.  Once I get all of that painted I can go back to clean up some bases and detail work on other models that need it.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll keep you posted as I make progress!






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Waaagh Grottrogg!: Ork army in progress
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