Want to Blog for Us? Sure You Do!

You may have noticed things have been very slow around here. I’m a bit annoyed with 40K at the moment, and haven’t been able to play Blood Bowl lately. It also means I haven’t been doing much hobbying either. So, the result being that there’s been little posting by me lately. My other authors seem to be busy. So, it looks like a good time to try to round-up some more authors!

If you’re interested in blogging for us at Creative Twilight, head on over here to check out what I’m after, and how to apply.

  • The down part of the wave of the hobby, cyclically hits! Why don’t try to do something for the hobby without thinking about game? Maybe you can find some kits to paint for the sake of paint! Also, Inq28 or Aos28 are very cool, maybe you can join those incredible movements.
    (Hope it helps).

    • It’s funny, I’ve never painted something that I didn’t need to use for a game. It’s good advice though.

  • I have been going through a similar wave myself with 40k. The game is just in a place I do not enjoy at the mo. I am fortunate that I do play other games that can fill the void, and my hobby backlog goes on forever :D
    I hope 8th will re-invigorate your enthusiasm. You should try AOS though. The models are wonderful and game play is quick and enjoyable (from my limited experience)

    • AoS is a consideration. I am waiting to see what 8th is going to do though. Plus, with all the other specialist games slowly making a comeback, I might find something there. I love Blood Bowl, but it’s been hard to get a dedicated group for it.

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