Sternguard Sergeant

Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #35

Two of these in one month, amazing! I’m usually lucky to get one together every two months.

Anyway, below are some awesome articles by fellow bloggers you should really read. They are hand-selected by me, meaning they are awesome ;) Go read’em.

Sternguard SergeantTibbs Forge: Finished Vanguard Veteran Sergeant – Tibbs has wrapped up his Vanguard Sarge, and the result is awesome. My favorite part of this model, by far, is the stone look. Not only how great the effect is, but where it’s used on the model. It just really stands out in an impressive way.



Heat StainedTibbs Forge: Heat-stained metal, the right way – I saw this pop up on Twitter when it was titled, something to the effect of, “Are we doing heat-stained metal wrong?” That got my interest and I had to read. The article takes a look at how we paint heat-stained metal, and how it works in the real world, and we do seemingly paint it wrong. Well, I’m sure some paint it the realistic way, but many of us don’t. Read to see what I mean.


Old Stuff DayWarhammer 39,999: Old Stuff Day is Approaching – By the time this article goes up there won’t be much time remaining, but Old Stuff Day is almost here. Rob is the creator of Old Stuff Day and explains what it is. If you’re a blogger, definitely check it out; it’s a lot of fun. As a blog reader, get ready to see some great stuff resurface on your favorite blogs.


Waning MoonForces of Darkness: Is Hobby Creativity on the Wane? – I had not put any thought to this subject until reading this article, and it’s hard to disagree. This is a great short read looking at the disappearance of so many of those awesome scratch-builds and conversions that drew so many of us to the hobby.

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Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #35
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