Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #36

Time again for a Wargaming Bloggers Showcase for your reading enjoyment on this lazy Sunday.

The Dice Abide – Opinion: Why 40k needs to go 1500

igc_logoThis seems to be a bit of a hot topic lately, the point values for big 40K events. People take their side and stand by it adamantly. We all have our preference for the size games we play for one reason or another. This article talking about the game size at these large events, I feel, makes some very valid points about going with 1,500pt games. I know some people are already shaking their heads in disagreement, but it’s really worth a read, and I bet you might even agree a little bit.


Graven Games: Make a Low Cost Dice Tray in 5 Minutes Tutorial

Dice TrayWhile I don’t really have a need for a dice tray, I thought this was a great tutorial on how to make one for very little money, and it looks great.

The items used for the tray are all easy to get a hold of, and the process of making the tray is really simple.



The Responsible One’s Wargaming Blog: Art

ArtThis is a pretty big deviation from the norm of what I put into the Wargaming Bloggers Showcase, but it’s for that reason it had caught my attention.

The Responsible One opens up his mind and pours it into this article about art, influences and goals. If you’re looking for something a bit different to read, check it out. Actually, read it anyway, it’s good.

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Graven Games

Appreciate you including our article, thanks Thor. Also, I haven’t forgot about upgrading out commenting system, still planning to do it once time allows :)


Hmm some good stuff to ready. Well done Thor.


Some good articles there I had missed. Nice one :)

Brennan Barni
Brennan Barni

I actually agree that the game feels “best” at 1500 points. Not too short, but not too long, and with enough points to spend to complete most formations and detachments included in the various army codices.