Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #37

It’s that time again where I present to you some awesome articles by fellow bloggers that you should go read.

Klatu.org: Bunny Park Diorama Finished

Klatu.org: Bunny DioramaNils has created an amazing diorama, and yes, it has a bunny. This was a project he did to test out some weathering techniques, IE: painting for fun. This thing has a great dark vibe to it, and you really need to go check it out.

Objective Secured: Dark Eldar Carnival Incubi Conversions

Objective Secured: Dark Eldar IncubiAnyone who has seen NafNaf’s work knows he does some awesome conversions. These Dark Eldar Incubi may just be my favorite ones yet. Between NafNaf’s sculpting ability, and attention to detail, he’s created some very cool Incubi that fit right into his army’s theme.

Broken Paintbrush: Foldio Unboxing Review

Broken Paintbrush: Foldio ReviewJoe got himself a Foldio, which is a store able lightbox. I’ve seen other reviews on it, and it’s a product I’ve seriously considered getting at some point. Joe gives a very thorough, and honest, review of the Foldio that’s well worth looking at if you’re also interested in it.

Chazsexington: The Long War Continues

Star of ChaosI just thought this was funny, and sadly true. Chaz did this article very tongue-in-check regarding the updated Black Legion and Crimson Slaughter supplements, and CSM in general. It’s a funny read whether you play Chaos or not.

  • Thank you very much for including me in a showcase, definitely made my week :)

    • That’s great to hear. That piece is just so damn cool.

  • Some great blogs there and nice articles linked and all. Well worth the read. Cheers.

  • Always awesome to see these! Thanks Thor! I especially forget Nils sometimes because he doesn’t pop up in the normal blog rolls. Nils, get on faeit!

    • Gladly.

      You don’t use an RSS reader or anything?

      • I use my blog roll on FYN, and generally faeit’s roll throughout the day. I could use an RSS feed, but that would be smart, and I can’t do everything smart. That would be too efficient, and then I’d be no better then a computer!

    • I’ve sent an email for joining now so hopefully soon :)

  • Thanks for the shout out Thor! And now I have two new blogs to add to my feed as well :-) Great picks on the other articles, they are great reads and great inspiration.

  • Thanks for the links! I keep my reading list pretty tight because my OCD goes off when I don’t read all of it and so I need something that stays compact enough that I can get through it in busy times, but I love seeing stuff from the rest of the 40K blogosphere when I’ve got the extra time.

    • I know what you mean. Having consolidated lists like this is pretty handy, which is why I enjoy doing them.

  • Some more great blogs for me to add to the reading list :)

    Thanks for including me among them :)

    • You should have come to expect it by now ;)

  • The Long War post was absolutly brilliant, thanks for sharing it.

    • Funny, yet entirely true.

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