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Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #40

I’ve been collecting these links long enough, some at least, so it’s time to unleash the Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #40. Meaning, awesome stuff you need to read.

Broken Paintbrush: Painting Dark Skin Tutorial

Painting Dark SkinJoe put together a great walk-through on approaches to painting dark skin.

As someone who constantly struggles with painting realistic skin, I found this a great read.

The techniques are easy enough, and it’s all explained as he goes.

Check it out.

Cascadian Grimdark: What Is “Competitive”? (part 1)

What is DeliciousWestRider wrote a great editorial on defining competitive. He asks lots of great questions, and gives some good examples.

It’s probably not what you think either. This is more of an open-ended question and not a lecture.

Well worth the read.



High Times on the Eastern Fringe: WIP: Slaughtersmith Conversion

TSlaughtersmithhomas created a kick-ass model by converting a Slaughterpriest and a Warpsmith to create the Slaughtersmith. It’s genius really.

The additions to the model are only what is needed. It’s a great model to begin with, so he did a great job keeping it very original while serving his needs.

I can’t wait to see this guy painted up!

Klatu: Sheatann WIP3 To Hell and Back and Almost Finished

Shaetann-wip-3-1-650x727I’ve told you all that Nils paints some awesome stuff, right? I know I have! Well, here he is with a WIP of an amazing daemon (Shaetann) bust.

This bust is so incredibly detailed that I’d love to paint it, and I don’t paint busts. The veins, the look of hatred on the Shaetann’s face, this thing is awesome.

Nils has done an amazing job so far painting this beast. This is another model I can’t wait to see completed.


Greggles Tabletop: The Ork Renegade Gork and Mork Knights are Complete!

Ork Knight

Ah, Greg and the large projects he undertakes before big events where he needs said projects done. Well, he pulled it off and converted up two Knights for Gork and Mork.

These “Knights” are very Orky. They look every part of an Ork force while still being clearly recognizable as Knights, which is a perfect conversion in my book.

The weathering on the Knights is very well done, as Greg’s weathering always is. There’s all sorts of little details on there that just make these models amazing.

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Lovely little collection there.

Nils Holmbergh

Thanks for including me again :) It’s a really great selection this time. The Slaughterpriest and the Knights are really cool.

Joe Baird

Thanks for the shout outThor! Great selection of other posts as well


Thank you so much!


Thanks! I need to get around to doing part 2. It’s half-written, but it’s just not gelling into its final form.


Cheers buddy!


Good job Thomas!