Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #41

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High Times on the Eastern Fringe: Bring me the Heart of the Iron Oracle – battle report (comic book style)

Comic Book Battle ReportThis battle report by Thomas is easily one of the coolest I’ve ever seen.

Thomas has made use of the Prisma filter, along with Halftone 2, to create this comic book inspired battle report.

I’m not sure what else to say about it other than it’s epic and you have to read this!

Wolfsherz: Mawloc Finished

MawlocWolfsherz uses Twitter far more than his blog, but every now and then he posts some great stuff on this blog, like this Mawloc he finished.

The best part of this model is the basing. You’ll notice it appears as though the Mawloc has just come up through the ground, and rocks are suspended in the air to give that feel.

It’s a great idea he had that worked out extremely well.

Broken Paintbrush: Guest Post: The mindset of painting

Mindset of PaintingJoe has been taking on guest authors. I’ve done a few over there so far. Well, this one is by D Power, and he chats about painting. D Power goes on to talk about style, influences and finding your own style; just being yourself and not an imitation.

It’s a great read, and something I feel we all need to hear now and then. It’s easy to get down on yourself with painting, we all do it, so check this out and get some inspiration.

I’m alone with a dream: Kitbashing Alone with a Dream# 2: It is done!

Alone with a DreamFollowing the previous article above, I jumped over to D Power’s own blog to check out his work, and I’m very glad I did.

D Power has been working on a character for his chapter, Alone with a Dream. It’s a character he’s done some art on, and is his blog’s mascot.

The conversion work on the model is great, and this model has a very awesome feel to it. D Power really created his own model with this. Combined with his gritty style of painting, this model is just awesome.

  • Nice collection Thor.

    • Thanks.

      It’s fun adding in ones that aren’t routinely on here, like Wolfsherz, and finding D Power.

  • jack shrapnel

    That comic book battle report is all kinds of awesome.

    • Cheers buddy! Glad you like it.

  • Thanks for the spotlight, Thor. I noticed a sudden increase of traffic, this explains it.

    • Probably not a ton of traffic, but hopefully a few head your way :)

      Yeah, I’m really impressed with that. The whole thing is just awesome.

      • Naw, not a ton of traffic but a fair chunk more than usual.

        Their is room for improvement in regards of legibility and disposition but as a concept I think I pretty much nailed it. It was a blast to make too.

        • Agreed. You’ve made it hard to not create my own because it came out so well.

  • Thanks for the shoutout and great collection. I need to go through my twitter feed and see who has a blog because I completely missed Wolfsherz Mawloc there!

    • Initially he did it on his blog, then later he put it on Twitter. I tend to catch his blog easier because it’s in my RSS feed, where you know what Twitter is like.

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