Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #45

Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #45

I’m slowly working on doing these more frequently, so before I forget about this one for months again, here’s a short list of awesome articles.

Genestealer PatriarchModern Synthesist: Genestealer Patriarch Throne – The Osseous Throne

Mr. Pink is someone I recently discovered thanks to Joe over at Broken Paintbrush. What Mr. Pink does very well is sculpting. Seriously, you have to go check out his work on this Genestealer Patriarch. This is part of an entire display he did for the GW Inner Circle, and it put him in the top 5 in North America.

Bog SylvanethObjective Secured: Bog Sylvaneth – The Tainted

There’s some great conversions and sculpting done on these Bog Sylvaneth. NafNaf has a vision I wish I could come close to matching when it comes to making great models.

I really, really like the painting on this unit. The unit has a great eerie feel to them.

Objective Secured: Bog Durthu Painted!!

Yep, NafNaf a second time!

NafNaf has some amazing conversion skills, and this Bog Durthu is no exception. I’m not even sure what kits were combined to create this beautiful monstrosity, but between some kit bashing, and some great sculpting skills, it pulls together into one hell of a model.

The painting on the Bog Durthu is awesome as well. NafNaf stuck with some simple techniques that worked great on the model. The entire thing has an organic feel to it that’s perfect.

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Nice little collection chief.


Hey man thanks for the (double) showcase :)
Really chuffed you are enjoying this project :)


Great selection