Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #47

Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #47

The usual lead-in – check out these awesome articles by fellow bloggers ;)

Creating Scenic Terrain for Bases and Dioramas with Andy

Building Scenic DisplaysAndy did a great guest post at Broken Paintbrush. He put together an awesome tutorial on creating scenic terrain for bases and dioramas.

It’s seriously some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen. You gotta check it out.

Finished – Thousand Sons Defiler


Rory has been doing quite a bit of work on his Thousand Sons army lately, and he added a cool Defiler he converted.

Not only is the conversion cool, but Rory is working on improving his painting, and I think his Defiler came out great.

New Trust in Rust Cart Photos For Nova!

OrksAs Greggles does every year, he’s pushed to get his army ready for Nova, and he’s succeeded.

His Ork army is great. The weathering he does is top-notch. Seriously, check out those close-ups of the weathering. It’s just an awesome looking army.

Ork Warboss (Orruk Megaboss Conversion) Showcase

Orruk Megaboss Conversion

Another one for Broken Paintbrush, but this time it’s Joe and his great Ork Warboss.

Joe converted an Orruk Megaboss for his Ork Warboss and it came out great. The model has some nice details, and his painting pulls it all together into a cool piece. The base may be my favorite part.

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Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #47
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