Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #48

Another long in the making and very delayed Wargaming Bloggers Showcase!

The Most Powerful Daemon God

Malal Greater DaemonDiscordian from Sepulchre of Heroes wrote a very interesting article about the Chaos Gods. More specifically, a particular Chaos God that has since disappeared from history – Malal.

He has a great theory behind The Emperor, Grey Knights, Cypher, and Malal. It also happens to be a fun read as well. Well worth checking out.

Magnetizing the Big Mek in Mega Armor

Magnetizing the Big MekJoe put together a short, yet very useful tutorial on magnetizing the Big Mek’s Kustom Force Field backpack, or the Kustom Tellyporta Gun. Well worth a read for any Ork player.

How to Put NMM Highlights in the Right Spot

Kujo is a pretty awesome commission painter, but he also does great videos like this. His channel on YouTube is full of advice videos, like this one where he talks about lighting concepts for NMM (non-metallic metal).

This really is a must-watch for anyone who is looking to improve their NMM. Also, the advice is completely applicable to painting in general too, not just NMM. The only part of this that wouldn’t apply to a surface that isn’t metallic would be the light bounce.

Eldar Dictionary

Eldar DictionaryJohn has been collecting Eldar words and phrases used in codices, Black Library books, and wherever else he can find them, and compiling an Eldar dictionary with them. It’s a pretty awesome project, and the list already is huge. Definitely check it out.

Why I play wargames, collect and paint minis

I always enjoy reading how people got into wargaming. See, for me there’s no amazing story. I have friends who played and I got sucked into it. However, others, like Le Verménarque, have a great story that goes back to childhood and involves family.

Anyway, for those of you who also like reading such things, definitely check this one out.



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