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Below you will find a list of wargaming blogs I read regularly. Most are for Warhammer 40K, but focusing on the smaller blogs like myself. There’s also some random stuff, and blogs of assorted other types. Basically, if I think it’s interesting and unique, then it’s listed here.

If you would like me to add your blog to the list then just fill in the form here. Blogs of all types are welcomed. Also, you’re welcomed to suggest other blogs to be added here, ones that aren’t yours. Recommendations of great blogs to read is always encouraged.

I also have an article with my list of the top wargaming bloggers you should really check out.


  • Arkanaut Company
    First batch of Kharadrons, and by accident I went for a yellow scheme that matches my Stormcast. I hadnt planned too but the idea of boiler suit dwarves was too strong to turn down 🙂 Advertisements ... read more
    Miniature Musings of a BearPublished on 03/21/18By docbungle
    1 day ago
  • Impressions: Empress M-ATV
    One key symbol of the Ultramodern era has been the rise of Mine Resistant vehicles. As improvised explosive device usage increased in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the classic Humvee and Land Rover became unsafe for use by troops on patrol. The MRAP program worked to fix this, creating a selection ... read more
    Charge BlogPublished on 03/21/18By Michael Charge
    1 day ago
  • Blitzkrieg Miniatures Black Friday Unboxing
    Blitzkrieg Miniatures had a cracking Black Friday offer on many of their 1/56 vehicles such as a wonderful £10 per vehicle. It would be rude not too have bought some! The only catch was that the delivery time would be a while due to the volume of orders they were ... read more
    Tabletop Games UKPublished on 03/21/18By Craig
    2 days ago
  • Chaos Daemons – Seekers of Slannesh – by Nick at The Burning Eye
    Hi All,thanks for dropping by. I am sharing pictures of another unit Nick Thrower from The Burning Eye did for me. If you don't know, I have a huge to-do pile of my own, so I commissioned Nick to paint up some Daemons for me.These Seekers have a classic Slanneshi ... read more
    WeeMenPublished on 03/21/18
    2 days ago
  • Wizardry in Progress 3/21/18
    Heeey, its the last Wednesday before Adepticon! The time crunch kicked in something fierce this week as I had to knock out my display board and I realized that I screwed up my army list and needed two new Ranger models to make my army match my list.Did I get ... read more
    Brush WizardPublished on 03/21/18
    2 days ago
  • When Dice Don’t Matter… and Other Battle Reports.
    Been a few hectic weeks to say the least. However, there are some battle reports to be had. These reports are around a pair of list. What should have been a few interesting games were actually not super outstanding at all.  Also a talk about how dice can make that ... read more
    Midwest WargamingPublished on 03/20/18By Paul Cole
    2 days ago
    “The Colony” – an Infinity gaming board project that streaches in time and space. Yes – The Colony Special Project lives on and dayum! I almost run out of space to store it! Last time (“THE COLONY” SPECIAL PROJECT part nine) I was pretty sure that once I airbrush a ... read more
    Scar_hand PaintingPublished on 03/20/18By Nazroth
    2 days ago
  • Such an Ogre
    As I have mentioned many times before, the primary reason that I use the oil paints is that it allows me to work on many more figures at the same time, no matter how large or small!I had about 15 large scale Mierce Miniatures and other creatures going at the ... read more
    James Wappel Miniature PaintingPublished on 03/20/18
    2 days ago
  • Terrain Tuesday 3 – Coaching Inn and Stables
    Hi All,This last week I've been working on the Coaching Inn and Stables from White Dwarf 143. Since I still can't seem to locate my physical White Dwarf magazines I was able to find the terrain articles and a repository of a magazines in pdf form out in the wilds ... read more
    Sean’s Wargames CornerPublished on 03/20/18
    2 days ago
  • Starships for Edge of the Empire
    If you look at the Star Wars Universe, one of its most iconic elements has always been the starships. Fantastic machines that give characters the freedom to explore the universe, a means to strike a blow for freedom, or the tools to wage war on a scale that defies imagining. ... read more
    2 days ago
    I haven’t written anything in a while.  I’ve started a few posts, and then cancelled them entirely because they were, y’know, petty at best and repugnant at worst.  It’s been an interesting time, in hobby, life, the universe, and everything. In the end, I think I just needed to vomit ... read more
    The Emprah’s Mighty Flow’ry MeadowPublished on 03/20/18By Oakenhawk
    2 days ago
  • Necromunda: Goliaths WiP
    While a lot of us have been going crazy over Forgebane I have been quietly chipping away at the Goliaths. Necromunda is a game I am really looking forward to getting into and thanks to The Game Shop Aldershot I have that chance. The game comes with two gangs and ... read more
    Stepping Between GamesPublished on 03/20/18By thousandeyes
    3 days ago
  • Hamburg Tactica 2018 / Take the Pass!
    One thing I enjoy about going to the wargaming convention Tactica in Hamburg is to take pictures with the camera my father left me when he died, a Leica R4s.My father and my uncle were obsessed with photography, especially with the technical aspects of it. As in other fields of ... read more
    Herr Zinnlings ArbeitszimmerPublished on 03/20/18By Herr Zinnling
    3 days ago
  • Thunderchild
    Thunderchild of forgeworld Ryza. In my post the other day, I forgot to share this fine fellow. That’s poor quality blogging right there, since he’s the centrepiece of my force. So behold! Or uh, re-behold. He’s above the text I guess, so by the time you read this you shall ... read more
    Warp SignalPublished on 03/19/18By Jimmy S
    3 days ago
  • Vinyl by Talon Strikes Studios
    I recently had the pleasure of painting up some cool guitars for my buddies latest Kickstarter.  Vinyl is a collection game for 2-5 players building and scoring their vinyl collection.  It is one of those games that the theme really speaks to me; music, records and collecting.  These resin printed ... read more
    Da Green SkinsPublished on 03/19/18
    3 days ago
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