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Below you will find a list of wargaming blogs I read regularly. Most are for Warhammer 40K, but focusing on the smaller blogs like myself.

There’s also some random stuff, and blogs of assorted other types.

Basically, if I think it’s interesting and unique, then it’s listed here.

I also have an article with my list of the top wargaming bloggers you should really check out.

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Awesome Blogs

  • Painting Table Update#5 2019
    Not really any painting this week. I have continued on my building binge. Will do a mass basecoat either this or next weekend and then start painting again. Some mantic models I hope to use in various systems. Not sure if I showed the next batch of Test  of Honor guys.Another batch ... read more
    Pile of PlasticPublished on 02/18/19
    3 days ago
  • Wargame Terrain: Grav Train
    I always wanted a gravity train for my miniatures, but the MDF versions that I saw were quite expensive. So, I decided to build my own out of foam board. I had thought about making these with either wheels or on a track of sorts to raise them slightly off ... read more
    T Town HobbyPublished on 02/17/19By ttownhobby
    4 days ago
  • Laser Blaster
    Alongside the Reaver titan that is progressing very nicely now, I am simultaneously constructing its armaments as well. One of them will be a battle titan laser blaster -- basically a triple-barrelled laser gun the size of a tank.  There are only eleven parts for this particular weapon, and most ... read more
    Warpstone FluxPublished on 02/17/19By jabberjabber
    4 days ago
  • Dark Eldar – Venom
    So, it was time to add Venom number six to my army. This time I chose a “different” head on the gunner, so that it stands out from the other ones, making it easier for my opponent to single it out if I want to use it as a HQ ... read more
    Team StormBolterPublished on 02/17/19
    4 days ago
  • Squaduary 2019 Progress – The Marionettes
    Greetings Sinners!My pledge for Rory's Squaduary Challenge over at Stepping Between Games hasn't been going too well and to say I'm behind schedule is a bit of an understatement. Fortunately, I've managed to get in a couple of days to start the build on my Renegade Mechanicum Venator Warband for NecromundaI'm really ... read more
    Castigator’s ChaosPublished on 02/17/19
    4 days ago
  • Game 109 – Forces of Nature – 2019/02/16
    Greetings!In my last game before CanCon2019 I once again played against Jeff. I had a difficult decision to make, I had to choose between two events at the same time. This year I chose Mortem Et Gloriam. However, I still could help Jeff to test his army one more time ... read more
    Path of an OutcastPublished on 02/17/19
    4 days ago
  • Paint Table Saturday 276 – Cultists, Orks and Beastmen join the Undead
    Hi All,With Track Season in full swing I seem to have less time to actually blog. Last Saturday my son ran a 5K and this Sunday he will be running a 3K.So I've been plugging away at the plastic zombiesand skeletons.I should have been prepping the Skull and Crown "archers" ... read more
    Sean’s Wargames CornerPublished on 02/16/19
    5 days ago
  • Character Creation Example: Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition (Part 2)
    Part 2Hey Game Fans we’re back for another look at building a Vampire: the Masquerade character for the new 5th edition rules set.  If you read last week’s article, then you know we’ve built a science focused Ventrue with a penchant for hopeful idealism and a strong belief that science ... read more
    5 days ago
  • What’s New with Mike and Jeff February 16, 2019
    Today we recap our LVO experience and talk about all the new releases from Games Workshop. ... read more
    Da Green SkinsPublished on 02/16/19
    5 days ago
  • Confrontation – Thoughts on the rules
    I am no wargames or boardgames specialist, only a casual gamer and painter. I have no credential whatsoever and never developped a game. I wrote a set of rules when I was 8 to play napoleonics 1/72 plastic soldiers with my family, but I am not sure this qulifies as ... read more
    Le Terrier du VerménarquePublished on 02/16/19By LeVermenarque
    5 days ago
  • Pre-Orders – The Ambull Awakens & Forge World Night Lords
    There are many creatures and races lurking in the fluff of the Warhammer universes, some come to light after many years like the Necrons did and then there are those that have waited for even longer, biding their time - the Ambull is just such a creature. Originally native ... read more
    The Home of Beardy HammerPublished on 02/15/19
    6 days ago
  • Alimañas Mutoides
    Los insectos y parásitos que habitan las naves también se ven afectadas por las energías caóticas que bañan la realidad cuando el campo Geller falla.Hay tres tipos, enjambres picaojos (las moscas), los ácaros de maldición (pulgas) y las larvas de lodo (los gusanos).Eyestinger swarms, enjambres picaojos. Me gusta que las ... read more
    Craft World YggdrasilPublished on 02/15/19
    6 days ago
  • #Squaduary 2019: End of week 2
    At the end of Squaduary 2019 week 2 we have a lot of a progress. I know I will have missed a few people from the list below but hopefully they can let me know on this post or Twitter. I am delighted to see so many people joining in ... read more
    Stepping Between GamesPublished on 02/15/19By thousandeyes
    6 days ago
  • Imperial Guard Infantry Update
    I have a guest post today from Guard Daddy – an update on Imperial Guard Infantry. His last article in Astra Militarum Infantry proved very successful and remains one of the most popular articles on this 40K Blog. Playing a pure Imperial Guard Infantry or an infantry heavy list has a number ... read more
    Imperial Guard BlogPublished on 02/15/19By Jake
    6 days ago
  • BFG: Additional Ship’s Compendium 2.0 Update
    Okay, so I finally recommenced work on the ASC 2.0 after some prodding from someone on messenger yesterday. Was nice to return to it after almost a year since the last draft. In that year, I stopped work not because of lack of interest, but just had life in the ... read more
    Sepulchre of HeroesPublished on 02/14/19By Gothmog
    1 week ago
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