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Below you will find a list of wargaming blogs I read regularly. Most are for Warhammer 40K, but focusing on the smaller blogs like myself. There’s also some random stuff, and blogs of assorted other types. Basically, if I think it’s interesting and unique, then it’s listed here.

If you would like me to add your blog to the list then just fill in the form here. Blogs of all types are welcomed. Also, you’re welcomed to suggest other blogs to be added here, ones that aren’t yours. Recommendations of great blogs to read is always encouraged.


  • Blog Slow Down Announcement and Thanks
    Nick speaking,2018 brings me into my ninth year of Blogging with well over one thousand posts and nearly one million views. I have enjoyed my journey over the years here on this platform, but the truth is, I feel like the Blog world is in no way near as popular ... read more
    IDICBeerPublished on 01/15/18By IDICBeer 40k
    2 days ago
  • Book Review 16 // Master of Sanctity by Gav Thorpe (Legacy of Caliban Part two)
    So for those not in the know,I'm attempting this year to improve on my Books of 2017. Last year I challenged myself to a book a month and managed to just complete it. This year I am upping the twelve book total to eighteen. This will hopefully improve my reading ... read more
    Beers with PepsPublished on 01/14/18
    2 days ago
  • Paint removal tutorial
    Hello everyone!As you may probably have seen in my previous article, I am back on the modeling train and this time I am getting excited on the brand new Necromunda release.That being said, being an old school gamer I love my old school minis more than anything so I figured ... read more
    Home of CadaverPublished on 01/14/18
    2 days ago
  • Tyranid Biodiversity Tau Hybrid
    Around March 2006 I was sculpting some alien figures for my own private collection. More than a decade later I would not imagine that this specific sculpt would still actually be a point of interest big enough to have it spin cast and reproduced in metal for some friends. I ... read more
    Mr. Bug ManPublished on 01/14/18
    2 days ago
  • Workbench reorganization, Scythiak tanks
    With the help of a bunch of fingernail polish racks I reorganized my paints and such to be more readily accessible, and hopefully put back where they belong. When we had some warmer weather, I also managed to get some spraying in on some Scythiak vehicles.  A Chimera to transport ... read more
    Sons of TaurusPublished on 01/14/18By sonsoftaurus
    3 days ago
  • Arming for The Cypra Incident…… Ork Battlewagon
    Hi AllBluddtoof here with a somewhat delayed update on my progress with my Orks.This model will be used later in the campaign but it was painted in the autumn to be fielded at Six Up Save's tournament; Skirmish III.I'm including it in our Cypra posts as it will be Warboss ... read more
    Code 40KPublished on 01/14/18By Boss Bluddtoof
    3 days ago
  • Game 75 – Romans – 2018/01/14
    Greetings!One of my hobby new year resolution is to play more  often and regularly at a local store. Fortunately for me, there is a weekly Kings of Monday gaming night and I really wanted to attend as I have missed quite many gaming nights so far. My challenge for a ... read more
    Path of an OutcastPublished on 01/13/18
    3 days ago
  • What’s New with Mike and Jeff January 13, 2018
    So this episode also had audio issues and we figured out the problem.  The gain setting on the microphone was low and we adjusted it after setting up the show.  For some reason once OBS is set up and can't make changes to the equipment.  We know this is true ... read more
    Da Green SkinsPublished on 01/13/18
    3 days ago
    Third time’s a charm thus welcome to the third ‘Painting Philosophy’ article, where “I let you in on ‘how’ and especially ‘why’ I do some things in a certain way. In my opinion a proper approach to painting is crucial to maintain healthy and rewarding experience. Final result depends on ... read more
    Scar_hand PaintingPublished on 01/13/18By Nazroth
    4 days ago
  • Expanding the world of the Crows: 40k Beastmen(ish)!
    They trade sometimes, with the Elk-men. Fellow nomads, meandering through this icy plane.Oh nothing of real value. Mainly scavenged tech and weapons, food supplies, little handmade trinkets. That sort of thing. Sometimes the Elk-men barter passage to other systems.The elk-folk wander around in bands of five or six usually, plus ... read more
    Objective SecuredPublished on 01/12/18By Ynneadwraith
    4 days ago
  • Guardia de la Muerte vs Alaitoc, Capa y Sombras
    “La invasión de este mundo había sido extremadamente sencilla, los escasos defensores nativos del planeta no habían podido contener la marea de podredumbre padre Nurgle les había regalado....Siglos de crecimiento y vidas eldar destruidas por culpa de los seguidores Dios de la plaga, había que cortar de raíz la invasión ... read more
    Craft World YggdrasilPublished on 01/12/18
    5 days ago
  • Paint job: Xenos Statis-Crypt
    I picked up the Sector Imperialis Objectives set back when 8th was released. It’s a cool kit with six very narrative objectives. I put the kit together straightaway, primed them and … nothing. Nothing happened at all. They just laid there. Until when I started painting the Lord of ... read more
    High Times on the Eastern FringePublished on 01/10/18By Thomas
    6 days ago
  • Late Christmas present
    I got as a late christmas present a mini foto box for my miniatures! it is a very simple installation but the fotos are better indeed. So if you want to get the best out of your photos to put them on social media or a blog is to get ... read more
    My Warhammer BlogPublished on 01/10/18By Natasnoctem
    6 days ago
  • 2017 – A Year In Review (and plans for the year ahead..)
    January is a bleak month. Christmas decorations are down, work is back and you can’t start the morning drinking Buck’s Fizz without someone frowning at you. Particularly the passengers that get on my bus. Anyhoo, time to think about the year just gone and the year ahead. 2017 was not ... read more
    Skinflint GamesPublished on 01/09/18By skinflintgames
    1 week ago
  • Random hobby update: I’m baaack! I also moved
    Hallo everyone!  I'm back, and I'm not dead! Okay, I'll get a decent post up soon, detailing EVERY SINGLE THING I've been doing during my end of year "silent running", but first I'll just throw this up for you too see.Yar, I've moved!  From rural Nelson too... rural Nelson.  It ... read more
    I’m alone with a dreamPublished on 01/09/18
    1 week ago
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