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Below you will find a list of wargaming blogs I read regularly. Most are for Warhammer 40K, but focusing on the smaller blogs like myself. There’s also some random stuff, and blogs of assorted other types. Basically, if I think it’s interesting and unique, then it’s listed here.

If you would like me to add your blog to the list then just fill in the form here. Blogs of all types are welcomed. Also, you’re welcomed to suggest other blogs to be added here, ones that aren’t yours. Recommendations of great blogs to read is always encouraged.


  • The Best Units in Astra Militarum, 8th Edition
    Hi folks,I've been researching the best units in Astra Militarum (AM) pretty heavily and have come across some incredible resources, plus indulged my love of a good spreadsheet and done a little analysis of my own. What you'll see here is a summary of the most popular units in the ... read more
    Four Dads of the ApocalypsePublished on 01/02/18
    2 weeks ago
  • Picking Up The Fork In The Road
    Well, I took some time off from war gaming.  I needed it.I'm forcing myself to start playing again and building and creating new products.We won't be at LVO this year... 'way behind on that effort and the ROI isn't there if all we ever do is a bit better than ... read more
    Green Stuff IndustriesPublished on 01/02/18
    2 weeks ago
  • Fallen Angels (#ParentPlayers)
    Well, the first post on my army for the Parent Players meet up in April!  Its not very exciting, as it mostly covers initial research on colour choices and army contents instead of finished models or funky new techniques in progress. At the moment, the plan is: Undercoat with Chaos ... read more
    Published on 01/02/18By Admiral Rob
    2 weeks ago
  • Fallen Angels (#ParentPlayers)
    Well, the first post on my army for the Parent Players meet up in April!  Its not very exciting, as it mostly covers initial research on colour choices and army contents instead of finished models or funky new techniques in progress. At the moment, the plan is: Undercoat with Chaos ... read more
    Forces of DarknessPublished on 01/02/18By Admiral Rob
    2 weeks ago
  • A Quiz of Thrones (now with added legibility)
    A quick post today. But not the one I was expecting to write. I've finished a couple of models I'd like to share but, what with Christmas and New Year, I just can't find the time to photograph them.Instead, what I have managed to find is the file containing the live type ... read more
    Torva TenebrisPublished on 12/29/17
    3 weeks ago
  • 2017 Statistics
    I thought that I would post a few random observations using data from Warpstone Flux derived via Google Analytics. Audience. Most of my hits to my blog come from the UK and USA. Australia is a distant third, and then Germany and Canada. There's then another gulf to sixth place ... read more
    Warpstone FluxPublished on 12/29/17By jabberjabber
    3 weeks ago
  • Shadespire – Sepulchral Guard First Thoughts
    I played my first match with the Sepulchral Guard last night. I won 2-0 (9-4, 9-2) against the Bloodreavers.I love the warband. I played extremely defensive and focused on the Objectives. I definitely think leaving the Prince out as bait is the best way, he's not that great unless he's inspired.My ... read more
    Slave to SlaaneshPublished on 12/28/17
    3 weeks ago
  • The physics (or lack there of) of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Hyperspace Kamikaze)
    Let me first say, that I LOVED The Last Jedi. I think it is great. If you don't, then fine. But this is not the time or place to discuss whether the movie was good or not (though I probably have more posts coming on that). Now is the time ... read more
    Sepulchre of HeroesPublished on 12/25/17By Gothmog
    3 weeks ago
  • A Very Merry Lot Of Unique Christmas Conversions For Those Naughty & Nice.
    Merry Christmas or X-Mas! (Whichever you prefer) Now we're here with some pretty unique Christmas-themed  conversions from around the web. For an Imperium that worships a God-Emperor, they seem to have quite a bit of Christmas stuff. Won't their faces be red when the Rapture happens.Our Plug...on social media A CALL to ALL: Remember Talk ... read more
    Talk WargamingPublished on 12/24/17By TalkWargaming
    3 weeks ago
  • The state of the #Spruegrey Nation 2017 edition
    This year has been very quiet on the hobby front for the #Spruegrey Nation. I have a total of ten blog posts over the last twelve months. This does not make for very compelling reading. Thanks for... [[ Whoa! If you think that bit is great, you should check out ... read more
    Sprue Grey Toy SoldiersPublished on 12/23/17By Adam
    3 weeks ago
  • ¡Hola chicos!Hey guys!Un poco tardía la entrada (¡ya es casi fin de año!) pero bueno, aquí están los últimos encargos que me pidieron:A bit late this entry (almost the end of the year!) but anyway, here's my latest comissions:Lo primero un Verminlord de los Skavens:First a Skaven Verminlord:Tanto el que ... read more
    La habitacion de hobbysPublished on 12/19/17
    4 weeks ago
  • Seven
    Seven years!Yikes, today snuck up on me. I clearly started this blog before having kids, as a week out from Christmas now there's not a lot of hours remaining that aren't already spoken for.When I set out on this whole blog thing seven years ago today I honestly had no ... read more
    JoeSavesTheDayPublished on 12/18/17
    4 weeks ago
  • Sylvaneth progress: Laying down some roots
    It feels good to do something hobby related that’s not reading or MTG. I cracked open some of the Sylvaneth goodness that’s been lying dormant in storage. I’ve assembled five spite-revenants (the outcast version) and a treelord to start myself off. While it’s most likely been repeated elsewhere on the ... read more
    Peddler of MagicPublished on 12/16/17By Aussiemandias
    1 month ago
  • The Grey Realms – The Zhentarim
    I often find baddies in the Forgotten Realms be portrayed as rather cartoonish or unbelievable. If you were conclusively shown your are working for evil, would you continue? I mean, why would anyone join the Zhentarim? Imagine an EU if it were run by evil wizards… then mixed with a CIA ... read more
    ChazsexingtonPublished on 12/15/17By Chaz Sexington
    1 month ago
  • Retrospective In Fenix Magazine
    Hello boys and girls!As usual I haven´t posted in a quite a while now - my day job drawing monsters for a living takes all my creative energy at the moment. I do hope I´ll be able to get back to painting and converting come 2018.I do have something to ... read more
    The ConvertorumPublished on 12/11/17
    1 month ago
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