Warhammer 40K 6th Edition: Holy Crap I’m Excited

Warhammer 40K 6th EditionAs I mentioned the other day, I began 40K in 4th edition. I remember when 5th was rolling around I was anxious to see what would happen but that anxiousness doesn’t compare to the excitement I have to see 6th edition hit next week.

I picked up White Dwarf yesterday, first one in around 5-years, and I got done reading it this morning. Wow! As I suspected, there’s a lot of changes, and that’s just what we know from White Dwarf. The thing that became clear to me with the changes they mentioned, plus of course it was mentioned in the articles, is that the game is adding a more realistic approach as well as a more fluffy approach. I’m not one to cover the details of everything we know so far, there’s other blogs for that, but to me the game just feels more like Warhammer 40K from what I’ve read thus far.

Let’s be honest, 4th and 5th edition, while good editions, just didn’t capture that ‘grim dark’ feel. I think the streamlining done in those editions removed elements that not only helped make the game unique, but also gave it that feel of 40K. It’s not a bad thing though. Those editions helped Games Workshop work out a better rules system and clean up a lot of extraneous stuff. With a foundation in place now, Games Workshop can revisit some of those old rules and quirks to incorporate them in a much more suitable manner. The result should be clear rules that are easy enough to learn while offering a distinctively 40K feel that’s fun.

My head is already spinning with possibilities. With the introduction of allies and fortifications there’s so much room to explore. Sure, Games Workshop is looking to profit in a huge way from 6th. Allies (a second army or maybe your 8th), flyers, fortifications, psyker decks, on and on, are all ways to cash in for them. However, in my opinion, a cash grab by a company is worthless if the interest isn’t there. I can say my interest is peaked and I’m by no means a rabid fanboi.

Anyway, I suppose I just felt like sharing my excitement for 6th edition. Like many, I was hesitant. I was fearful Games Workshop would strap the game I love to a barrel and have their way with it. It may still be the case. I don’t have the rulebook. Yet, from what I’ve read so far it does seem that they want their flagship game to succeed and I can’t wait.

  • Yeah! Between my FLGS re-opening and the release of Sixth Ed, I’m all a-fluster at the moment.
    Now if I could just get the new Chaos Codex ….

    • The Chaos codex will be the icing on the cake. For now though allies will be helpful.

      • CSM and GK! A match made in heaven.

  • The suspense is killing me! For better or worse I just want to learn the new rules and get on with it!

    • I’m with you. It’s hard in this last week to play 5th games when all you want is the 6th rulebook in your hands.

  • BenitoSenence

    rumored have me on edge with the same anticipation of possiblities, the Tyranids were consider low tier by many and to make my Flying Hive Tyrants more destructive and harder to hit is sweet, and bugs moving 2d6″ for assault is all the better. I can live with the Stand and Shoot for that trade off!

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