Warhammer 40K Missions

Warhammer 40K Missions

I am in the process of creating some new Warhammer 40K missions for Maelstrom of War games. Below you will find those missions as I create them and add them to the list, so do check back. These custom missions do not fundamentally change Maelstrom of War, as I find the style of games fun already, but instead offer some different secondary objectives, as well as simply adding to the pool of Maelstrom missions you can play.

Below you will also find some other Warhammer 40K missions, like some for Matched Play. I wrote a lot of them for 6th edition, but I never updated them for 8th, which I will be doing slowly.

I’m also going to include the custom scenarios I have created for campaigns. More info below.

Warhammer 40K Missions

Maelstrom of War

Warhammer 40K Missions - Maelstrom of WarCompel (Updated 11/16/16) – This mission adds a twist where you choose a Tactical Objective for your opponent.

Gambit (Updated 07/01/16) – You can select a card as a Gambit for increased points, but failure has its penalty.

Into the Fight (Updated 11/16/16) – A twist on claiming objectives to make a more dynamic game.

Overt Strike (Updated 11/17/16) – Four Tactical Objectives are in use, and a fixed position for objective markers.

Matched Play

The Matched Play missions use a scoring format I had created for use at the tournaments for my FLGS. There are four Victory Conditions, each worth a certain amount of points. This gives flexibility in the mission format, and should give each player a fair chance.

Marked for Death (Updated 9/6/17) – An interesting twist on kill points.

Search and Destroy (Updated 9/7/17) – Focused on grabbing objectives, but those objectives can be destroyed as well.

Eternal War

Coming Soon!

Custom Campaigns & Scenarios

Coming Soon!