Maelstrom of War: Compel v1.0.4

Objective Markers

Players must place 6 Objective Markers that are individually numbers 1 through 6 on the table. Use the standard rules for Placing Objective Markers. Markers are placed after terrain has been set-up, but before determining Deployment Zones.


Spearhead – The table is divided into quarters. Measure out 12″ from the board center; that’s the dead zone. The player who chooses deployment zones selects a table quarter, and the other player deploys in the one diagonal from that. You deploy in your table quarter respecting the 12″ dead zone, which you cannot deploy in.

First Turn

The player that set up first can choose to take the first or second turn. If they decided to take the first turn, their opponent can attempt to Seize the Initiative.

Tactical Objectives

Both players will draw 4 Tactical Objectives at the start of the game. This means the player going second will draw his 4 Tactical Objectives before his turn. However, the player going second will not reveal his cards, except for the Compel Objective (details below).

The player must choose one of the 4 Tactical Objectives for his opponent to achieve, instead of himself, called a Compel Objective. Compel Objectives may not be discarded by a player. They remain until they are achieved¹.

If, at the start of a player’s turn, he has less than 4 Tactical Objectives (including the Compel Objective given to his opponent), he must generate a number of Tactical Objectives until he has 4. If there is no Compel Objective active then the player must choose one Tactical Objective to become the Compel Objective. The Compel Objective chosen can be any of the 4 Tactical Objectives. This includes one that was already in the player’s hand previously. This means a player will always have 3 Tactical Objectives for himself, and 1 Compel Objective for his opponent.

If a player achieves the Compel Objective given to him then that player will receive 1 point, plus the points given for the Tactical Objective.

Note: You may never give your opponent a codex specific Compel Objective. You cannot give your opponent a Compel Objective that was never possible for them to achieve, for example: kill a psyker but you army did not include a psyker. Also, you may not give a Compel Objective that is not currently possible to achieve, for example: destroy a flyer, but your flyer has already been destroyed.

¹If a Compel Objective is in play, and becomes impossible, then discard that Compel Objective, and your opponent must draw another card, and select a new Compel Objective for you.

In addition, if of all the cards you’ve drawn, you can’t give one to your opponent – like you drew all codex specific cards and/or ones they could not have done, or can’t currently do, then choose one of your cards to shuffle back into the deck, and draw another until you get one your opponent can do.

Game Length

The mission uses the Variable Game Length.

Victory Conditions

Primary Objective

Achieve as many Tactical Objectives as possible.

Secondary Objectives

Linebreaker, Kill Points, King of the Hill

Kill Points – Whoever destroys the most units.
King of the Hill – Treat the board center as an objective. Whoever holds the board center at the end of the game scores this.

Mission Special Rules

Night Fighting, Reserves, Tactical Objectives

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