Search and Destroy

Matched Play: Search and Destroy v2.0.1

The Battlefield

D3+2 Objectives will be placed. Both players roll off with the winner placing the first objective marker. Objective markers need to be 6″ from any table edge, and 12″ from another objective marker.


Hammer and Anvil (pg. 217). If there’s an even number of objectives then the player who placed the last objective marker will choose his deployment zone. If there’s an odd number of objectives then the player who placed the least markers chooses his deployment zone. The other player then deploys a unit, and both players continue to alternate deploying units.

First Turn

The player who finished setting up their army first will get a +1 to the D6 roll for first turn. Both players roll off with the highest roll choosing to go first or second. If the winner chooses first turn then the opponent can seize the initiative on a D6 roll of a 6, and they get first turn instead.

Battle Length

After battle round 5, the player who went first rolls a D6. On a 3+ the game continues, otherwise the game is over. At the end of battle round 6, the player who went second rolls a D6. On a 4+ the game continues, otherwise the game is over. After battle round 7 the game ends automatically.

Victory Conditions

Primary (15pts) – Search and Destroy (see below)
Secondary (10pts) – Victory Points (see below)
Tertiary (5pts) – Bloody Foresight (see below)
Quaternary (+1pt) – For each of your units at or above 50% starting strength, or wounds for single model units.

Search and Destroy
At the end of your player turn, from battle round #2 onward, in which you control an objective you get +1pt. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins this condition.

Additionally, objectives are treated as a unit that can be attacked. They are toughness 8, 10 wounds, with a 3+ save. Once an objective is reduced to 0 wounds it is removed from the table.

Victory Points
Any unit that is destroyed is worth as many VPs (victory points) as it cost to field, IE: how many points you paid, or what the power level is. Any unit not on the table at the game’s end counts as destroyed. Any units at or below half wounds are worth half their cost (rounding up).

Bloody Foresight
At the start of the game each player will write down in secret how many enemy units they think they will destroy during the game. At the end of the game show your opponent the amount you wrote down, and the player closest to the value written down, without going, over wins this mission.

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