Week #2 – June’s Tournament

TournamentI played the second game last night of the ongoing tournament. My opponent was a Marine player, another person just getting back into the game. The mission involved six objectives, of which only three were real objectives. On turn 2, 4 and 6 you had to roll to see which objectives were legit. To get a massacre you had to have more kill points and hold more objectives and deployment was dawn of war. The mission was supposed to be night fighting the entire game but we completely forgot about it.

Here’s my list:

* Big Mek w/KFF
* Tankbustas x 10 + Nob
* Slugga Boyz x 12 + Nob + Trukk
* Slugga Boyz x 11 + Nob + Trukk (Big Mek here)
* ‘ard Boyz x 12 + Nob + Trukk
* Shoota Boyz x 12 + Nob + Trukk
* Grots x 18 + Runtherd
* Wartrakks x 3
* Kans x 3
* Boom Wagon
* Looted Wagon (Tankbusta ride)

I omitted the wargear to make it easier to read. If anyone is curious about my exact list then I’ll post it. The Space Marines had:

* Calgar
* Termies x 6 + Landraider (Calgar joined them)
* Dreadnoughts x 2
* Tacts x 10
* Tacts x 10

Yep, that was it. He had half his points invested in that Landraider and unit. I wrote another narrative report titled Get Da Shiny Fings! if you feel like reading it. Below is the breakdown of the game, which will make a bit more sense if you read the narrative report but should give a sense of the game regardless.

I had managed to claim two of the three objectives. The Termies got in range to contest the third one I was holding on the last turn. He had more in kill points but I had more objectives so I claimed a major victory and also took two battle points to get a score of 19.

I got lucky on two of those objectives popping up where they did, right where my blown up trukk units were standing. I wasn’t sure I was going to get the one behind a building. I knew I had the speed to reach it but it I had to remove those dreadnoughts before they decided to turn around and smash my trukk when it got there. He made some bad choices on target priority, especially since he had so little shooting considering how many vehicles I had. I told him that holding back his Landraider the whole game had cost him. I planned to ignore it and with him not using it aggressively meant it was all the easier to ignore. Ultimately his lack of mobility was his undoing.

So next week is the final game but it’s a tight race. There’s about 4-5 of us all within a few points of each other. I’ll need to take as many points as I can next week and hope the other point leaders don’t take massacres themselves.

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