Weekly Battle Report: Fate’s Angels vs Blood Angels

Battle Report - Fight ClubAnother Wednesday night and another battle report. I decided to bring along a test list I was working on for a 2K tournament in April at the FLGS. I put the list up here. It’s built off what I brought for the 1,750 tournament last weekend, which did fairly well considering I wrote it and played it untested.

I was facing off against Blood Angels and his list was roughly:

* Librarian Dreadnought
* Priests x 3 (1 Termie)
* Death Company x 5 w/Lemartes
* Assault Termies x 5
* Storm Raven (ride for Termies & Libby Dread)
* Assault Marines x 10 w/flamer x 2
* Assault Marines x 10 w/melta x 2

I believe that’s everything. We got dawn of war deployment for seize ground, three objectives. I won the roll and gave him first turn. In hindsight, probably not the best idea. I wasn’t thinking about dawn of war deployment, I was just thinking about deep striking assault squads. He setup Death Company near one objective, one ASM squad on a second. I kept everything off the board to roll in, another mistake. I should have set up my sniper Scouts, which I realized as he began his movement.

I arrive, Redeemer toasts one DC (Death Company), Vindi takes out a handful of ASM but his casualty removal ensures my ASM are now out of charge range of his. Yep, the mistakes are piling on early. As you’d guess, my ASM are charged and taken down to a few, Shrike is dead. Storm Raven unloads Termies and they, along with DC, charge my Termies. Storm shields are great but I was buried under invulns and they went down before swinging.

At this point I still have both Tacts in Rhinos, Command Squad in Redeemer, Vindi, Pred and Scouts but I know I’m not going to take him in assault at this point. I decide to try to claim objectives, get there, set up and try to shoot him down on the way in. It didn’t really work. My Scouts spent the entire game slogging the board doing nothing. One Tact Squad made an objective, lost their Rhino, got pinned and were charged next turn and removed. The other Tacts made an objective, lost their Rhino, had a turn of shooting before they were destroyed in assault. My Command Squad made a feeble charge on Termies at one point to buy time for a Tact Squad, held on but eventually died out. The only thing that went my way really was my Pred tank shocking his 10-man ASM off an objective and they ran.

It was an ass kicking. He took one objective and had me tabled. He still had DC x 4 w/Lemartes, Libby Dread, Storm Raven and 2 ASM (the ones holding the objective). My mistakes began with my deployment. I spread myself out too much and when he hit one end of my line it just began to fold. It was simply not my night, though I blame nothing but myself for the loss.

Other than the obvious mistakes I made and will learn from, I think list-wise I’m going to trade-off the Command Squad for Assault Termies in the Redeemer. Five more Termies runs me the same cost as that Command Squad as I had them setup. I love the Command Squad from a model perspective, and they aren’t terrible, yet they are better suited assaulting non-assault units like Tacts, Devs, etc. With my list being aggressive I feel I need an assault unit more universal than the Command Squad. My idea is to try out lightning claw Termies with a Librarian in TDA (termie armor). They lack the staying power of storm shield/thunder hammer Termies but I already have those, so I figure having both types opens up some tactical options. The Librarian is support I wish I had last night to hood Blood Angels.

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing that was Amish – tough loss. The key to fighting his list is destroying that damn Storm Raven. My Tau have never actually beaten his BAs, but the closest games always revolve around destroying the storm raven before it can unleash its cargo at the time and place of its choosing.

    • Actually it was Steve S. I’m with you on the Storm Raven. That’s what got me evaluating my list idea again. I just didn’t have enough potential shooting to deal with it.

  • ming from b&c

    I’d have figured he was out for blood since I tabled him the week prior. You need to go for the librarian and claw termies and get the charge off at I4, rather than give him the charge at I5. Past three weeks I’ve played vs BAs and they fear the terminators in my big blue box…

    • I agree. The problem was two-fold, not only did I not have the shooting to take down the Storm Raven, I had also deployed poorly and ended up being charged by them out of it. It was just an ugly, ugly game on my part.

  • Anonymous

    Rough one man. I always feel like the games I lose are the most valuable to me though- I can probably remember (almost) every loss I’ve had, and the reason I did. Though I still do make some of those same mistakes, I also make them far less often.

    At least it wasn’t a tournament game, losses outside of tournaments don’t actually count :)

    • hah, I still count non-tournament games but they just don’t hurt so much.

      I agree about the losses though. I was testing something that night and the loss showed me clearly it wasn’t going to work out. Had I taken a win that night then I may have mistook my list as something more than it was, which would have been bad if I brought it to the tournament. Thankfully I have plenty of time left to experiment.

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