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Weekly Pimp’n: 2nd Week of April

It’s been a few weeks so some of these are from last week.

Warp Signal: Painting outside the lines – This is a great article about painting with thought and feeling, creating mood, and not just painting everything the same way every time.

The Blood Angels: Dear Transports: Learn your place. – Xaereth discusses two different approaches to an assault unit, what’s consistent and what has potential. This article hit the mark with me as it’s something I finally began realizing recently.

House of Paincakes: Gaming on a Budget- The Joy of Wallpapering – Another in Dethtron’s series with some great ways to use wallpaper.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Back to Basics: Then and Now [part 1] – A very cool series Dave is beginning where you show some examples of where you began as a painter and where you are now.

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James S
James S

Thanks for the mention :) That article about the assault transports is a good read, and Dave G’s idea looks fun!


Thanks for the shout out, I appreciate it :)