Whats on Your Painting Playlist?

Not exactly a blog. More of a fact-finding mission for me.

Most days when I get the time to paint I’m sat at my desk wondering what to put on. Most times it’s The Big Lebowski, or anything sci-fi / comic related, the Batman films ( …yes even the one with Clooney), the Marvel films, and if the house is free of innocent ears – Deadpool.

If I want a change I have found a couple of decent hobby podcasts.

First up is an Age of Sigmar podcast: Bravery One. These are a couple of guys from Nottingham UK who love Age of Sigmar, which I have to say is a refreshing change to the normal Sigmar bashing I tend to hear all the time. They make no bones about the content. They’re grown men, so the content is adult orientated, ie: they  tend to eff and jeff / cuss like a sailor. So, for that reason I’m normally listening from my phone with the ear phones in.

As you can imagine, they’re not a Games Workshop endorsed podcast, which means they are totally honest – what I prefer. You can tell the people who get given the latest GW toy to review, it always feels a bit staged.  These guys are far from having a slick staged podcast. The doorbell goes, people are making coffee, the dog joins in from time to time, all of it makes for a funny podcast.

They are also on iTunes, but because of my deep-seated loathing of Apple, I won’t install their software.

Next up is a 30k specific podcast: Eye of Horus Podcast. These two fellas are from down under mate, and have been doing a weekly podcast for just over a year now.

As with the other podcast, the show in their disclaimer contains “adult banter”. They are honest, and again not endorsed by Games Workshop at all. They have done quite a few in depth specials on various legions in the 30k universe, which have been superb to listen to despite the odd mistake; which they openly admit to making in subsequent shows.

They regularly review upcoming events and army lists that are sent in.  They have musical interludes as well, which will certainly open your ears to some music you may not normally listen to.  Again they are on iTunes, so if you’re on there check em out.

What I’d like is a decent 40k podcast to listen to. I have listened to a fairly recent episode by 40k Radio, which I was told used to be really good. Quite frankly, I don’t think I have ever heard something so toxic and bad for the hobby before, and not just 40k, but hobby in general. It was awful.  I forced myself to listen to the whole show as you can’t form an opinion based on a few minutes. Sadly it was mainly the same, except for the new guy who was introduced as the new owner of 40k radio. He does the Geek Tours if my memory serves me right, and he seemed pretty pumped for the hobby scene. So, I’ll check back with that show in a few months.

I want to listen people who enjoy the hobby, not treat it as a thorn in their side. I mean, that’s why we spend all our cash, because we enjoy it………or are we all just absolutely barking ???

Like I say, this isn’t really a blog, I just wanted a bit of feedback on what’s decent to listen to while painting. Cheers people. I await the wonderful suggestions to broaden my horizon of the hobby world.

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Whats on Your Painting Playlist?
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