Whew. That Was a Close One

I want to thank those who visit this blog for their patronage. March was the busiest month we’ve had and lats month was just shy of the numbers of the previous. Even for this little blog the numbers were impressive. These past two months has seen a 64% increase in traffic over the average of previous months. Hell, the fact last month we only put out 19 articles and almost matched the busiest month in visits tells me that people are making Creative Twilight a routine visit and not just coming when we’re at the top of a blogroll.

We also came damn near to maxing our allotted monthly bandwidth, having around 150MB remaining. I do run multiple sites off my hosting account, so it’s not all Creative Twilight traffic, but I was sweating hitting that limit and seeing the site go into a suspended mode or getting hit with transfer overage charges. We’re into a new month and it all resets but I’m going to keep an eye on things and evaluate whether it’s time to move the blog to its own account. Worse problems to have than drawing too much traffic.

Anyway, I’m not gloating. It’s great to see this blog grow, it’s what we all aim for as bloggers. Again, thanks to everyone who reads this blog. Hopefully this month we can get up more content for you all.

  • Congratulations! I aim to read all of your posts and I can’t be the only one. It’s a good read and deserves the attention.

    • You’re too kind.

      Speaking of, man do you post a lot on your blog! If I could bottle your posting frequency and use it here I’d probably see traffic increase another 100%.

  • Loquacious

    Congratulations to you, Thor!

  • Anonymous

    Heh, nice man! I haven’t really grown THAT fast since I actually started blogging and I went from like 10 views every month to like 100 :-p I’ve been steadily (and sometimes BARELY) beating my old records every month but wow, that’s awesome.

    I like reading your stuff too- keep it up!

    • I’m sure you get more than 100 views a month :P

      • Anonymous

        Heh, sorry if it seemed like I was being sarcastic or something, it was a long time ago that I got only 100 views a month. I was just saying that was the last time I had growth similar to yours percentage-wise.

  • James S

    Congratulations mate, I check your blog at least once a week and I always enjoy your posts. Keep it up!

    I particularly like your battle reports, they are succinct and full of information. I can’t seem to keep mine below 600 words, and that’s not even counting the extra bits like army lists and little stories!

    • Your last one was pretty short and sweet. They’ve definitely become shorter over time. I just do it because I personally hate reading long winded battle reports of turn by turn, roll by roll action so why put other people through that.

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