Want to Win Custom Death Guard Objective Markers?

Contest is Over – This contest is over. However, you can purchase objective markers, as well as gaming aids, at the 3D6 Wargaming website.

There’s a local 40K player, Justin, who has been doing some work with laser etching wood. He created these cool awards for our last tournament.

Laser Etched Wood Awards

Justin had also created some very awesome objective markers. He gave me some World Eaters ones he created. These ones here.

World Eaters Objective Markers

There were some extra objective markers that Justin had made, and he was giving them away to anyone who wanted them. So, I snagged an extra set for Death Guard.

Death Guard Objective Markers

Want the Death Guard Objective Markers?

What I thought I would do is Creative Twilight’s first ever blog giveaway! Entry is simple – just sign up for our newsletter. Anyone who is already signed up for the newsletter is already entered to win.

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I will send the Death Guard objective markers out free of charge to whoever wins them.

I suppose I need a deadline, right? Anyone who subscribes to the newsletter by February 24th, 2017 will be entered to win. I will then randomly draw a winner and contact you.

  • weee death guard markers!

    • Not sure Death Guard would exclaim “Wee!” ;)

      • I’m sure they would exclaim wee jumping in toxic sludge pools.

  • Strong play and those look very nice.

    • Yeah, Justin makes some pretty cool stuff.

  • Really cool looking tokens and those awards look awesome

    • Wish I had won one of the awards, but alas it was not to be.

  • Really cool, especially the weapons. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that before.

    • Agreed. It’s pretty unique, and they look great. Sounds like he may be taking orders in the near future too.

  • Great promotion! Hope it increases your subscription members!

    • Is it that transparent that’s what I’m doing? ;)

      • Hey it got me, I will spread the word my friend! I will post it on my forum 8)

        • Much appreciated!

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