Contest: Enter to Win Death Guard Wound Counters

The Contest is Over. However, you can get our own Death Guard wound counters

So, remember that contest I had during the winter to win custom Death Guard objective markers? Well, today you’ll have the chance to win custom Death Guard wound counters!

Justin, the same man who did those objective markers, has been busy. He has started up a website to sell his goodies at, 3D6 Wargaming. One of his newer products is wound counters and they look great. He offered me a set to for this contest.

3D6 Wargaming

Death Guard Wound Counters

The great thing with these is you can paint them however you want, or just leave them as-is.

How to Win

Winning these is really easy. You have to do two things.

  1. Like 3D6 Wargaming on Facebook
  2. Like Creative Twilight on Facebook

Once you’ve done that you’re entered to win. Those who already like our pages are already entered to win. I’m afraid authors of Creative Twilight are not eligible to win for the sake of fairness.

We’ll run the contest until July 17th, so three weeks from today. I will contact the winner on July 18th, and arrange to have the Death Guard wound counters shipped to you.

Good luck everyone!

  • Oh those look very nice, bravo. Strong play.

    • People hit a simple like button and can win some cool counters. It’s a win, win :)

  • They look nice and would be a very nice addition to any nurgle army.

    • He’s been creating some great looking stuff. He also makes trophies for our monthly tournaments, and they are awesome.

  • Aw authors not eligible to win :( Oh well, I may as well get my hands on one of these for my Death Guard army anyways :P

    • Yeah, sorry. Just seems unfair to everyone else to let you all get a chance to win. Hate to have someone think it was rigged.

      They are worth buying for sure :)

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