Thor’s Workbench: Work in Progress on Basha (Orruk)

A short update today for my latest work on Basha, an Orruk for my Shadespire warband.

Basha WIP

Let’s start with some pictures. These are shots I shared on social media, so nothing fancy, just showing the work.

If you saw my previous work on Hakka then there’s nothing new to see here really. I did, however, decide to hold off on highlights until the end.

The extreme highlights I was doing for the orange involved mixing paints. Mixing paints multiple times throughout the process of painting a model is really hard to keep consistent between sessions. So, it made more sense to me to wait until the end, do all the highlights, and have everything tackled in one sitting.

As far as progress, other than the mentioned highlights, I’ve got to pick out some details and do weathering. The hard stuff is done though, so I’m about 90% there and that last 10% will fly the next time I can sit down and paint.

If you like the armor work (orange is such a pain in the ass), then check out the tutorial I did on blending. It covers the blending technique I use, which gives that grittiness you see.

Da End

As much as I love how this warband is coming out, painting the orange is sucking the soul out of me. I’ve only got 2 more to do and then I’ll probably never paint orange armor on anything again.

All the orange is really slowing the process down. I’m not a fast painter to begin with, but then you add in a difficult color and the painting speed comes to a crawl. If I did the armor any color but orange, or yellow, then I’d probably have the entire warband done by now.


Update: I’ve finished off the warband if you want to take a peek.

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I know the orange is slowing you down but the effect looks worth it.

stats DGDWH

You’re improving a lot your painting skills with that great orange, bravo! The green is top notch.

Spectre Senence

Yeah it is such a pain to make it come out well but you are nailing it which makes them worth showcasing! I can’t wait to see them all done and on the board!


Hang on in there mate, as others have said, it’s worth the effort and paying dividends.
Great work!