WordPress Plugin: Disqus Popular Posts

You’ll have to pardon my nerdy excitement but I’ve finally created my first official plugin for WordPress, Disqus Popular Posts. I’ve created a lot of plugins over the years for WordPress but none officially hosted with WordPress. They’ve always been one-offs that I created as needed for myself and customers (I’m a PHP programmer for a web hosting company). So, I never had the need to get it officially hosted with WordPress before.

WordPressThis plugin was something I created for fellow Disqus users who want to show their most popular content by comment count. There was an existing plugin like this already but it’s outdated. I wanted to create an updated version that’s maintained and that offers more features than the one I found did. I created this out of my own need and, like many fellow programmers, I decided to share it with everyone, hence the official setup of the plugin with WordPress.

Anyway, I’m just stoked to have something I’ve created up there. If you’re interested, and didn’t click the first link I provided, you can find the plugin here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/disqus-popular-posts/. Make sure you give me a nice vote ;)


  • Awesome Thor! Congrats on your wordpress plugin!

    • Thanks!

      It’s nothing major but it is cool in a nerdy way none-the-less.

      • Warren Falconer


        • I believe I declared as much already :P

          I had to learn how to use SVN for the first time too. It’s never been a thing for me as a sole PHP programmer at a local hosting company.

          • Warren Falconer

            its pretty slick we used tortoise svn at my first job, we use plastic scm at my current job its free up to so many users and an absolutely great tool has the best UI I have ever dealt with as far as versioning software goes, congrats btw I just felt compelled to call out a fellow nerd

            • haha, thanks.

              Yeah, Tortoise is what I snagged. I watched a video tutorial on using it, specifically for WordPress, and learned how simple it was. The integration into Windows Explorer is awesome and makes using it a no-brainer.

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