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Once upon a time I would routinely post work in progress stuff here. However, for a little while now you’ll have noticed that I haven’t been doing that.

One of the reasons for that is SEO (search engine optimization). The long and short of it is, when you have 6 articles all talking about a Chaos Lord (for the sake of discussion), then you’re competing with yourself and making it hard for Google to figure out what to show for Chaos Lord searches. So, having 6 WIP articles about a Chaos Lord I’m painting is harming me in search engines, especially when I finally put out the finished product.

Another reason for the lack of WIP stuff from me is the goal I gave myself of only creating worthwhile content here. Basically, if I create an article then I want to create something that’s evergreen, som it will live on for years to come, and have value to everyone.

I used to use WIP articles as a way to fill in the blanks. I felt I had to create a certain number of articles and WIP stuff was a great way to meet that self-imposed quota. That’s something I’ve gotten away from.

Lastly, posting the WIP stuff on social media gives value to those social media platforms. Why would you need to follow Creative Twilight on various social media platforms if you were seeing the same stuff on the blog anyway? You wouldn’t.

I have struggled with getting Creative Twilight established in social media channels for years. You can’t just create an account and suddenly have thousands of followers. So, I’ve been hoping this shift to being more active with social media, by posting work in progress stuff, will help grow our presence on those platforms.

So, there’s the answer to the question you probably didn’t have ;)

Oh, and here’s the social networks you can find us on that I actually invest time into. You can find us on others (links to the top right), but I don’t actively use those ones very often.

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Hmm…..speaking as someone who has made a concerted effort to cut back on my Social Media I’m not sure I agree with your reasoning.
I find Facebook to be a bad platform to replace blogs. I have removed most 40k hobby pages from my Facebook, simply because they swamp my newsfeed and the articles feel more like spam or throw-away content that rarely offers anything of interest me.
For me, Twitter has always felt like digital stalking that panders to people’s obsession to celebrity-ism (is that even a word?) and instagram always seemed shallow and superficial.

I for one, feel that your blog is all the poorer for not showing the WIP articles. The blogs that I enjoy the most share WIP articles (amongst other things) and as a reader I feel like I’m privy to the author’s ideas, trials and tribulations. It’s like I’m sharing the author’s experience with the hobby and we are exploring the possibilities together (even though it’s the author doing all of the hard work). Each WIP update is another step on the journey and like most things in life, I’ve found it’s the journey rather than the destination that adds the spice.

Your post seems to imply that WIP articles are not worthwhile content, hopefully my comment above shows that not everybody thinks that way.
I wish you well with your Social Media endeavours, but please don’t let them detract from your blog. I still think blogs offer far more content and immersion with the hobby than Social Media ever does.