World Eaters Detachment Progress

100_1390I was able to get the remainder of the World Eaters for this project built and based in the last couple of weeks. Work has been eating into what little hobby time I have, but thankfully it has been so hot the last few days that I had little interest in sitting under a light to build models. But any who here they are in all their glory.  The chaos space marine detachment in my list is composed of Kharn, 8 Chaos Space Marines tooled up to basically be Khorne Berzerkers, 5 Khorne Terminators, and a Land Raider. It’s not much in terms of numbers but it should hit hard.


The squad is tooled up with the icon of wrath, a melta gun, bolt pistols, close combat weapons, the champion has a power fist, and mark of khorne for everyone. I took a different approach with the icon, trying to think about this from the perspective of a berzerker.  I could hardly imagine wasting a good weapon wielding hand to raise a totem to the god of destruction, instead in my mind an icon would be more abstract, so I opted for a back banner with the skulls/helms of worthy foes butchered in combat.


In my first post it was pointed out to me that I had an invalid list, I completely blanked on the rule that your lord only unlocks marked troops when it is your primary detachment. Several people suggested I just move CSM to my primary detachment, and I looked into it, but I have a hard time seeing chaos space marines work without including cultists, AND here is the big one,  there is no cheap way for me to get the troops I want to use into combat safely, I would spring for dreadclaws if they are allowed, but then they are flyers soooo kinda burns ya on the comp score, that and I figure there would be a lot crying cheese using dreadclaws. Rhinos leave them flapping out in the breeze for a turn, which is going to lead to the unit being shot off the board before they get to do anything.


The chaos terminators are tooled up just as you see. Two combi meltas, 1 chain fist, 2 axes, 1 power weapon, and the champion with lightening claws, mark of khorne, and a heavy flamer. I don’t expect the heavy flamer to get much use, but it makes for a cool model. I am planning on these guys to deep strike into combat in conjunction with some of the daemons to help take some of the shooting pressure off the now fragile bloodletters, we will see how it works in practice.

100_1394Last post I showed my Kharn conversion. Since then I have made some slight changes to the model.  I finally was able to dig up some finer chain off an old forgeworld model I had. It really did make a positive difference in the model. I did a bit of cleaning up on the model where I had used miliput and green stuff, the only think left is adding some spackling compound to the base so I can get the desert finish I am going for.

100_1395 100_1396

Finally we have the land raider. I have had a heck of a time with this model, I want it to be different and cool, but trying to figure out what to do to get there has been difficult. I mean a land raider is a land raider. The world eaters are portrayed as a practical legion when they aren’t raging, so they probably wouldn’t spend a bunch of time dressing their vehicle up like the word bearers. It is equipped with a dirge caster and dozer blade, but dozers don’t really work well on the land raider model, frankly I think a land raider should be given a built in dozer blade just due to its sheer mass. So in game turns the dozer blade can be explained by the size of the tank. The dirge caster though, could be something along the line of a complex flame thrower system, or even something along the lines of the infamous Ursa’s claws. I just have yet to find a way to do it that doesn’t look stupid.  I will have to keep pondering.


And finally a shot of my proof of concept hound of khorne. I wanted to make sure that I could make the juggernaut fit on a cavalry base, it looks good to me and I am excited to see 8 of them on the board. This guy is going to be repainted, I love the juggernaut models and can’t wait to figure out a scheme for them.


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It’s coming along great. Those Khorne FW bits are great and really make the models stand out individually. That chain works better on Kharn for sure also.

The dirge casters I’ve never worried about modeling honestly. I mean, if you want to do it for pure WYSIWYG and the fun of modeling, have at it. From a gaming standpoint nobody would take issue with not representing it, they haven’t with me yet anyway :)


These are looking great so far!

I agree with you on the dozer blade. The way they’ve written the fluff on land raiders it’s hard to imagine them becoming immobilized by anything but the most extreme terrain. Not to mention that it’s a 14AV tank. It would make sense to count them as having a dozer blade as standard and avoid the modelling hassle. It might be a different story if GW had figured out a cool looking way to add a blade without blocking the ramp, but they haven’t. The most common approach seems to be a blade that lifts to allow the troops to run under it. I think I would make a low one, or one with cutout, and have the ramp bridge the gap to the blade. I have a mental image of marines running across the ramp and vaulting off the blade onto their enemies.


Looks like you’ve been having fun!
I have tons of the Slaanesh chariot bits(the spiky wheels), not sure if that is something you’d be interested in for the LR? Maybe it shoots out a spinning blade to stop overwatch(dirge caster) or the blades hack away any dangerous terrain for the tracks(dozer blade)?


A good looking, fearsome bunch! I especially like the space wolf remains on the land raider. and i love these new jugger models too. i’d like to find a use for them, and a lot of monstrous stuff, which is why I’m eventually going to field daemon allies. I’m also thinking of using some stuff as “counts as” bikers, which the juggers could fit the bill for too. they’re even ironhided and thus kinda mechanical looking.