World Eaters

World Eaters – The home stretch

World EatersI am almost there, so close I can taste it. Four models are left on my paint list for the army, 3 of the 4 are in progress on the paint desk. This is all in the nick of time as I am starting to flare out, I am right at the cusp of the burn out. Army sized projects do this to me, it is inevitable, I just have to keep pushing and it will be finished. I have promised myself work on a fun small single model project as soon as I push through the army and I CAN’T WAIT!

I also just plopped down my entry fee into the DorkaMorka event in October, this looks like it is going to be a blast and will be a great incentive to keep pushing on the army. The event is October 19th, so by then I have to finish everything but the hell drake, (the land raider, soul grinder, blood thirster and display board). I started on the grinder this week and I am flying through him so with any luck I can be done with him before the weekend, and punch out the raider over the weekend. That would just leave the thirster, display board, and something for the golden squig. I think it is very very doable.

I have meant to do this post for awhile but I keep holding it off so I can fit one more completed unit in the post. Then the normal life things pop up. With the project on the downhill slide it seemed like this is a great time to post progress.

So here we go on to the pictures.

First up is the prince. I do not have one included in my list this guy is just for a lucky roll on the boon table. I challenged myself as far as speed painting goes with this guy, I wanted to see if I could knock out a prince in one hour, and with an airbrush I was able to punch this guys out in one lunch break. That doesn’t include the basing, but from primer to completed paint was just at 1 hour for this guy.  prince1

prince2Following in his wake I completed the other end of the boon table and the one I expect to see more of, the spawn. He was a quick and dirty job just to get him moved off the list.

spawn1On to the core of the army. Here are some shots of the berzerkers and the terminators. I am somewhat disappointed with how the terminators came out, they still need to tufts for their bases, but they just didn’t come out as nice as the berzerkers did, I am not sure if that is due to the aged models, or just the fatigue I am feeling on the army. Either way done is done and that beats unpainted, from the tabletop they look fine.


berzerkers1 berzerkers2 berzerkers3


And now their leader Kharn the betrayer. This guys is a beat stick, if he survives combat to get to swing he will wreck face. This conversion turned out solid, I like it better than the current gw model, I am sure in the future they will end up recutting kharn, but until then I think this captures him just fine.

kharn1 kharn2 kharn3

Finally we have the juggernauts that I am using as my hounds of khorne.

juggers1 juggers2Well that’s the end of the picture dump, more to come next week as I plow through the few models left in the list.

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Doing a full army is a quite a task, one I know I would not be up for. I commend you on your dedication to seeing this through.

It’s looking great as well. That Kharn with paint on him looks legit, as in I wouldn’t know it was a conversion. It’s all done well and all is going to look amazing on the table together. Maybe we’ll get to play that day :)

Oh, what do you do for your basing? I really like it. Your technique is very convincing.


On it’s own the prince looks great, as a 1-hour paint job it’s even more impressive! They all look good, this will be a very nice looking army.


So Kharn is back in and the Warp Talons are out? Heldrake is in? I’m confused.

Looking great! Can’t wait to see it all on the table.


Kharn conversion is looking sweet!

I like the Daemon Prince too, the striding look coming forward is nice. I think the missing shoulder pads make it look unfinished though if I am honest or those arms just look wrong.