World Eaters

World Eaters – Light at the end of the tunnel

Whew I feel like I made it. Finally over the hump! I have completed my paint list for the dorkamorka Shocktober event in October. All that is left is the display board which I should be able to take care of a week or two down the road. So I am a feeling pretty low stress about finishing the full army for the standoff in late November. All I have to finish is the hell drake which has already been primed and based red, all of the metal lining on that sucker is daunting but with a few beers it should be a piece of cake. So that is one heck of a load off. Now I am turning my attention towards the Golden Squig painting competition at the event in October. I have been hankering to slow the my painting down and focus on a fun little project. I’m super excited, I don’t expect what I am working on to win, I just want to paint it to paint it, and hopefully learn some new skills. There will be more on this project next week as I make some real headway.

So last week I was hoping to knock out the soul grinder and the land raider. Not only was I able to complete those models, but I was able to take care of the blood thirster as well. Anyway here we go! Picture dump!


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World Eaters – Light at the end of the tunnel
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