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World Eaters Progress

World EatersWith the somewhat official packet for the Standoff being released I have finally cemented my list according to the released composition score. I really really wanted to run a sorcerer in the list but the ding on the comp for 3 HQs was just too high for me to stomach.

I am not complaining, I know that is meant to keep down the crazy 4 wolf lord combo’s and some other things, but, it made me look at a unit I really didn’t want to take, a really good unit. A unit I ranted about to Hippie during our games a few weeks ago. I hope it doesn’t make me a bad person to throw it in. I have a hell blade model I am going to convert up, but taking the drake actually gives me a perfect soft score. Not to mention the drake dramatically increases my damage output at range.  It’s making me feel dirty.

So don’t blame me, blame comp (which I like for such events) for putting more dick in my normally fluffy list.

Anyway here we go here is the list:
Blood Thirster

Terminators(7) – mok, chain fist, 2x combi melta, 1 heavy flamer, powerfist, lightenting claws

Fast Attack
Flesh Hounds(5)
Hell Drake

Chaos Space Marines(8) – power fist, melta gun, mok, iow, bp, ccw
Blood Letters(16)
Chaos Cultists(10)

Heavy Support
Land Raider – dirge caster, dozer
Soul Grinder – mok

Hopefully in the next month I can get down to crossroads to get a few games in and try it out. After my last experiences I feel that this list is much more well rounded than its previous incarnation. I know too few troops, well whatever, killing troops shouldn’t be a problem for this list, and killing stuff is what we are going for.


Now that that is out of the way I actually have some painting progress to share. Over the last two weeks I have been able to knock out the two biggest units in the army.  The cultists drove me nuts. I ended up opting for something simple I can expand out later into full blown traitor guard if I choose. These guys are a mix of the forge world renegade guard pieces and cadians. The scheme is desert camo with black pads and very muted red hoods. The hoods were just a tieback to the khorne army if I had it to do over again I probably would have gone with a brown that matched the boots. I blazed through these guys although progress was some what slower than with the blood letters.  I would guess there is about 8 hours in the entire unit.


 There is nothing particularly special with these guys. I used an airbrush to get a black base down, then built up the camo with Dheneb stone(I think anyway the label isn’t attached anymore), and a few other browns. Then washed it all down with secret weapon’s concrete wash. I touched up all the blacks on the model, hit the metal parts with the new boltgun metal, and touched up any accessories. Then I blasted the entire squad with liquitex satin varnish to matte everything down. Following that a heavy dry brush over the entire model of the weathering pigments used for the bases, then more satin varnish through the airbrush.


 And voila 50 points on troop choice ready to get brutalized on the battlefield. I’m not really in love with this unit, but it is done and off the paint list. Now for the ‘letters.


These guys were made for airbrushing. I think there is probably 3-4 hours in the entire unit of 16, considering that time investment they came in above average in my opinion.  A very solid table top quality unit.


I have found that the airbrush can be a huge time saver on organic models in particular.  Anywho I started these guys on a black undercoat. Then built up the reds from a collection of vallejo model air reds. I eyeballed the swords and worked a gradient from black to red. Then went through with different shades of red and some black to create a splotched coat on their skin to give them all a little personality. After a wash of the red citadel glaze and a blast of gloss varnish I painted the few details left on the model, then again a blast of satin varnish and they were good to go.


And finally here is what is left on the paint desk, still a ways to go, next up kharn and some berzerkers.


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I love the Heldrake. I sometimes feel dirty if I put it down against another Marine player and he has no flyer defense, but I’m only putting down one and not two or three. I loved the thing before taking two or three was the norm and that will never be my norm.

The Cultist look good and I actually like the red hood, it pops and brown would have blended in. Those Bloodletters are looking amazing. You’re right, they are definitely made for an airbrush. It just makes those transitions and gradients seamless. Well done!

You coming down next week for that 750? I know you mentioned it to me but wasn’t sure if that meant you were planning on attending.

Dave G

I like how they’re turning out, especially the demons!