World Eater’s Update – List Shift – Get Hard

World EatersSo I can’t even remember how long it has been since my last post on this project, probably close to a month. It has been a whirlwind of a July. My hobby time has been fairly limited recently, mid July I traveled to Texas for business for a week, then when I got back and the following weekend was spent helping a friend process his chickens and catching up on yard work from being gone for a week. This weekend though, I have hope. Anyway it looks like this is going to be a rambling post of brain farts so here we go.

I have been struggling adapting my list to anticipate the point size of the standoff which is still an unknown (though a fairly educated guess can be taken). ┬áDeveloping a fluffy list that could be effective at the different possible point levels has proven difficult. What I would field at 1500 does not necessarily contain the same core units that I would want to use at 1650 or 1750, which also don’t necessarily contain the core of an 1850 list.

This weekend I was able to get two games in with Hippie’s daemons, both list’s he ran I thought were awesomely fluffy and not overly mean, and I got my butt kicked. The big take away I had from the day was.

1. Stay focused on the original plan, and
2. Blood Letters will fall over in a stiff breeze.

This was my first outing with the army so I didn’t feel terrible with the performance, but I certainly overestimated the strength of the blood letters. I was running 32 of them in the list and they failed to accomplish much of anything in either game. 320 points of no results is unacceptable regardless of whether I used them correctly or not. I have since revamped my list to allow for some psychic buffing across the army and hardened up some of my deathstar type units, while removing the weakers ones I was using. I cut my bloodletters back to a single 16 man unit, this way they can be used as the scalpel they are more than the hammer I though they were. With the extra points I beefed up my terminator squad and added a sorcerer in terminator armor which should add a lot of flexibility to the list.

Anyway rambling over I leave you with possibly the greatest pep speech ever, from a great movie that echos what I am focusing on this week as I crunch numbers and rework my paint list, getting the army hard.

  • Did your list have access to grimoire? My test list does and I’m hoping that helps but Bloodletters definitely aren’t a beatstick unit. They’re great for running down your basic Marines but that’s about it, well, also weak melee armies like Tau as well.

    • Warren Falconer

      Let me know how your test battles go I hope you finally are able to get your chaos marines rolling ; )

  • JustHippie

    Like I said Saturday, those Letters would have destroyed any other army. Daemons getting saves against those Hellblades and Daemonettes having more attacks and higher initiative just killed them. I bet if you played that same list again you’d play it much differently. I gotta admit you were the craziest muthafocka I’ve played against when it comes to risky deep striking. Invisibility in Melee on my Keeper really turned that first game around for me and getting that 2++ on the screamers in the second game was a unit you should have just ignored since their damage output isn’t all that great.

    • Warren Falconer

      Thanks again for the games. I think my main issue was relying on the letters to be the hammer in my army, they really can’t be that kind of unit at least for me. They certainly have a place in my list just a smaller one than before. It also frees up points to throw an exalted reward in there on the thirster.

  • “320 points of no results is unacceptable regardless of whether I used them correctly or not.”

    This is an interesting and important statement. I agree with it completely and the implication here is that it doesn’t matter if it’s the greatest unit in the game, if it doesn’t work for you it doesn’t work. I like your approach of adjusting how you intend to use them but cutting them down to a smaller element so they don’t shift the balance of your force into a style of play that doesn’t suit you.

    Anyway, it sounds like you’re getting a better handle on the army already. Cheers!

  • stealthystealth

    Blood letters seem over pointed for as one dimensional as they are. If they had fleet or you could give them fleet plus assault grenades then ok they may work.

    Maybe multiple small squads if you have flying monsters. Ie your opponent is trying to kill the flying monsters giving you time to arrange a charge. It seems like a lot of work tho.

    • Daemon players dream of having assault grenades on anything. The only way to get them is by taking the Skull Cannons. Any unit hit by that will let Daemons charge that unit without the initiative penalty.

      Bloodletters are only 1pt higher than any other troop unit and with Daemons damn near everything is one dimensional. Bloodletters can get a banner though that let’s them charge 6″ + D6″. It’s not cheap but seems almost a requirement so you stand a chance of getting somewhere.

      • JustHippie

        The other options are Fiends -5I on successful charge and the Slaanesh Acquiescence malediction that does -5I and can’t overwatch or benefit from counter attack.
        Invisibility helps since enemies are WS1 striking them and Hallucination 3-4 means they just stand there in melee and get whacked.

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