World Eaters

World Eaters – Wrapping it up

World EatersWoohoo painting is officially a wrap for the Shocktober here you have the completed army set in their display board. I put it together on my time off here really quick and dirty. I need to set some of the nails, sand off the corners, and putty up the gaps but for now it is going to work and I am not going to think about it. For now I am pushing on and rewarding myself for the completed world eaters by focusing on painting a fun display model I want to enter in the golden squig competition. I enjoy really getting to dig into a model and trying new things. I haven’t ever really mastered the technique of blending and that is what I am going for with this model. Let me say, I have wanted to bust the airbrush out so many times on this guys armor it is unreal, The job could be done in about 5 minutes,…grrrrrr. That would be missing the point though. I had one shoulder pad completely done then tried to free hand the icon on to it and failed miserably, So now I get to re-shade the entire thing. BUT! That is how we learn, and I will continue to press on. The clock is ticking and I have the feeling that this one is going to be down to the wire to finish. I have until Friday of next week with some luck I can knock a big chunk of it out over this weekend. Wish me luck! Here is my progress so far.

wolf scout3 scout2 scout1 base

On another note the Standoff is creeping up quickly too and I do not want to take my eyes off the prize. I have to finish the hell drake for the army and that is it, but holy crap, I started the metal webbing on that guy and wanted to spork my eyes out. But with over a month to get him knocked out I am sure I can get it done. The more pressing matter is that of the bronze spawn. After my success at the FS event in the spring I am backing off and will only focus on two categories of the painting competition.  Doing this I will push myself to be the best painter I can rather than taking the approach of “man I wonder if this can win”.  Ultimately it isn’t about winning it is about enjoying the journey and building new skills and sharing your work with others. That being said I am certainly doing a diorama. I have a rip tide that I was trying to get painted for the FS event that I want to repaint I think throwing that up against some guardsmen could be a fun story to tell. I am not sure about the other category I would venture a guess it will either be the 25mm or 40mm, no idea what the model or scene will actually be at this point though. I was thinking an imperial fist could look really cool but it also may not be a bad idea to get away from space marines for a little bit. Hopefully digging through my bits box will lead to some fun ideas.

Here is the completed 1500 points and change with display board. Just a hell drake away from completion.


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Great start on the Scout. I’m really liking his pose. Also awesome job on the World Eaters. It’s been no small task you set yourself. There’s no way I’d have managed a 1,750 army in 6-months.

Heldrake is fun, eh? I had started mine and got aggravated with it and set it aside for months. That webbing is a bitch. Between bouts of frustration it took me a good 6-months to get mine done. I had to just keep walking away from it because I wanted it done well and when I get frustrated I compromise quality. It’s also why I’ll NEVER run more than one Heldrake; I just can’t stomach painting another.


Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it in person.
I think picking a couple categories for the Bronze Spawn and focusing on those models is a great plan. I am hoping we get more dioramas this year too.
Now you need to start blogging on the progress of those models.


Nice job, and congrats on finishing the army!

The scout is looking good so far. I agree with Thor on the pose. A Riptide vs. Imperial Guard sounds like a great diorama idea!